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Remote work is here to stay; now more than ever, you can have a successful career while pursuing your dreams of traveling the world. Long gone are the days of being constricted to the four corners of a cubicle. Whether you aspire to take in the scenic French Quarter of New Orleans while you work, or simply to enjoy the serenity of your home office, you too can become a digital nomad. 

Over the past few years, the world saw a huge influx of remote career opportunities that will only continue to increase into the future. Working remotely while exploring the world may even save you money, as some countries have a lower cost of living.

However, don't guess about which career allows you to sit on the beach and make money.  Your first step is asking, "What is the best career for me?" the answer is to take a reliable, trusted career assessment test.

Now, let's look at the best, highest-paying work-from-anywhere jobs so that you can book that flight to your dream destination. A life of freedom awaits, so here are the best work-from-anywhere careers.

Database Architect:

Salary High: $197,350

Growth: 10%

database architect

A career as a remote database architect ensures that you will certainly be well paid enough to sustain all your traveling needs, as the top remote earners take in an average salary of 98,860 U.S. dollars annually.

The duties of this role can be fully done remotely due to its technical nature, where the most utilized resource is a laptop. Database architects ultimately work to design secure computer systems that store and organize extensive amounts of data for a company.

Other highly sought technical roles include programmer, data analyst, and graphic designer. Many of these jobs can be turned into contract work with an agreed-upon time frame, which is beneficial for providing more financial security for your travels. 

The University of Denver's Database Design and Administration has a good online option for a master's in database architecture.

Product Marketing Manager:

Salary Average: $141,490 annually.

Product marketing manager

The creative brilliance of Product Marketing Managers can be effortlessly performed outside the office. These managers take on the role of promotional campaigns for their client's specified products.

Promotional campaigns can be organized and communicated via laptop, thus replacing the outdated need to be in person. Remote campaigns seek to raise awareness for the product through blogs and other social media outreach.

Product engagement can likewise be accomplished through virtual communication and, if desired, through in-person events. The digital nomadic lifestyle may even be most favorable for this position due to its ability to acquire widespread clientele while you travel.

Digital Entrepreneur: 

Digital entrepreneur

What’s a better way to adapt to the lifestyle of traveling while working than to be your own boss? Becoming a digital entrepreneur does not have the same hefty startup costs that starting a non-digital company can have. The internet has also made potential earnings endless, as there are billions of users that you can strive to outreach to.

Similar to an in-person business, it is important to identify your niche and your ideal target audience. It is also crucial to create an evolving marketing strategy that appeals to that audience while keeping an ongoing analysis of what strategies produce the best results.

Although the experimental aspects of digital entrepreneurship might be challenging at first, the freedom that comes alongside is ultimately priceless. 

 Cybersecurity Professional

Salary Average: $103,590 annually.

Cybersecurity professional

A multitude of industries are growing in their demand for cybersecurity roles. The Cybersecurity industry offers great opportunities to work from anywhere, as it is an internet-based profession. Cybersecurity is essential as it creates ongoing strategies to protect a company's or individual's vulnerable information.

The need for cybersecurity is rapidly growing as the world becomes more and more digitized and as we shift farther into the era of the Internet of Things. Information security professionals primarily work to protect from malware threats, SQL injection, phishing, and more.

If you are already experienced in cybersecurity, then finding a remote position is readily available. If you are looking to transition into cybersecurity, then one should first undergo a cybersecurity education program and then look for entry-level positions that offer training.

Since cybersecurity is up and coming and in high demand, there are numerous backgrounds and paths that one can come from. It is possible to create your own path into this field, but the most critical component is finding training opportunities. 

To speed up the learning time, perhaps try an online cybersecurity bootcamp.

Medical Writer

Salary Average: $74,650 annually.

Medical writer

One of the greatest concerns for working while traveling is job security. If this is your fear, you should look towards the medical field for a career, as health issues will always be a priority.

Becoming a medical writer allows you to have the job safety of the medical field while still being remote.

 Remote medical scribes regularly document a physician's interactions with a patient from the physician's recordings.

Since the physician's recordings are available virtually, you do not need to be present in the hospital or doctor's office. This job may be a good fit for you if you are detail-oriented, and possess strong communication, writing, and listening skills.

An online medical writing and editing certificate will assist you in this. 

English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher

Salary Average: $44,664 annually.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher

One skill that you might not consider valuable that you already withhold is your native language. Teaching English or perhaps your native language abroad is an excellent way to find opportunities to work while traveling.

This role may favor you more if you enjoy creating lesson plans and helping others grow in their linguistic capabilities. 

Traveling around to locate ESL jobs is not your only option, as the internet has accommodated the possibility of tutoring completely from the comfort of your own computer.

Language tutoring is less demanding than being the primary language teacher, as you are more of a resource. Although, you should still expect to allocate time for online meetings with students. 

Here's a fully online Bachelor's (B.S) in Teaching English as a Second Language.

Traveling Photographer and Blogger

Salary Average: $41,280 annually.

Traveling Photographer and Blogger

If you have an artistic eye, and are familiar with operating a camera, and photo editing, then becoming a traveling photographer might be the best choice for your digital nomadic lifestyle.

Not only is it possible to capture an exquisite story with your camera lens, but many successful travel photographers also complement their artistic images with well-written travel blog posts.

 Other common sources of revenue to add to fund your wanderlust include freelance writing. You may consider using affiliate publisher links infused organically into your articles, blogs, and publications.  You are then compensated when your readers purchase from the links within your writing.



In your journey of becoming a location independent, you should always consider what experience you already have.

Your personal expertise or corporate experience can be turned into valuable coaching material for others. If you are looking to become a career coach, CareerFitter has resources that can aid your journey. 

The role of a remote coach is really to help individuals grow and tap into their own potential. Working digitally as a career coach means you can coach individuals in a variety of locations rather than just one location.



Personal expertise in a specific industry can be smoothly transitioned into the realm of remote consultant work. If you are a problem solver or enjoy researching in your free time, then remote consultant work naturally fits your work personality.

As a remote consultant, you will likely be assisting customers or clients by researching the current structure of the business and then recommending solutions for issues such as human resources procedures or perhaps how the company's data is managed.

You may have to occasionally visit corporations or clients in person to better understand the ins and outs of the work environment. If so, you should consider planning your nomadic travels ahead of time to incorporate these office visits along the way.

Certifications like Project Management will help prepare you for this role, and here is one that can be completed all online.

 Social Media Manager

Salary Average: $50,661 annually.

Social media manager

Social media used to just be a way of staying in touch with new connections or old friends, but now it has evolved into a business hotspot.

Social media managers can be a highly valuable asset to companies, as maintaining and growing their profiles can attract a swarm of potential customers.

This remote role is especially suitable for those who have a background in journalism, marketing, communications, or business. Posting relevant content, engaging with viewers, and monitoring social media growth and analytics are all key aspects of this career. 

The rise of remote and work-from-anywhere careers is only projected to grow. With a wide range of location-independent jobs, there is a role that can fit your individual work personality and goals.

You can utilize your previous expertise to transition into remote options, acquire traveling careers with job security and high salaries in evolving industries, or become your own boss through digital entrepreneurship.

Taking a career assessment test will help you get started in your transition.

No matter what your goals are, in a world that is exponentially shifting online, there is no reason to feel stuck. Set yourself free and find your own work-from-anywhere career today.


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