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Best Recession Proof Jobs

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The 15 Best Recession-Proof Jobs

When a recession hits, one of the biggest concerns is job security. An economic downturn can mean many things for different companies. Layoffs and downsizing are the most common ways of dealing with tough times. Depending on the severity and reach of the economic conditions, millions of jobs can be lost. Ultimately leaving many people unemployed and unable to support themselves and adequately provide for their families.


In times of recession, there will be fewer job openings and more competition to fill the existing positions. While there are no jobs that will guarantee security, some are safer than others. Some of these occupations require a college education and advanced degree, but many of them don't.

Whether you are entering the job market for the first time or you are planning on making a career change, finding a recession-resistant job may help you in times of economic uncertainty. Due to the financial burdens of recessions, it is important to know ahead of time what career is the best for you. Consider saving time and money by first learning what career your personality best fits.   Take the best career assessment test to help you figure out which jobs match your work personality.  There is a free version and a Premium version. Learn more at CareerFitter.

The 15 Best Recession-Proof Jobs

While there is never a guarantee of employment during a recession, these jobs are considered some of the safest.

1. Healthcare Jobs

Healthcare Jobs

No matter the current economic situation, one thing remains certain - people will always require medical attention. In fact, when tough times hit, people often suffer from more illnesses as they have to endure more stress and a weakened immune system. Jobs within the healthcare sector usually remain safe during a recession. Careers such as doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and physiotherapists will still have plenty of work, no matter how much the GDP fluctuates.

Mental health care workers, substance abuse counselors, and therapists also have recession-proof occupations. Many of these workers may actually see an influx in clients. Since stress levels skyrocket during these times, naturally there will be an increase in substance abuse and mental health issues.

Senior Care workers will also always be in demand, no matter how the economy is faring. People will continue to age, and they will need assistance, thus making working with the elderly another healthcare profession that offers excellent job security. Although it varies by state, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) must pass a state-approved education program and Orderlies typically have at least a high school diploma. Both require on-site training.

2. Corrections Workers


During a recession, prisons will continue to operate as usual. This means that corrections officers, parole boards, and probation officers won’t experience layoffs or downsizing during tough economic times. Many jails may actually experience an increase in inmates, as crime rates will often increase during a recession.

3. Accountants

No matter what goes on in the world, accountants will always be required. Accountants must be available to crunch the numbers, whether for individuals who need help filing their taxes or for businesses who need assistance with financial statements.

If working with numbers is something you love to do, starting a career as an accountant will earn you an excellent income and give you a safe job even during a recession.

Recession proof career


4. Funeral Workers

It is an unfortunate fact of life - everyone must die. Whether we are in good economic times or bad, people will still continue to get sick and pass away, and because of this, funeral workers will always have a job. People will still need caskets, urns, burial plots, cremation services, funerals, and wakes.

When times are tough, families may choose less expensive funeral options to save money, but they will still require the services of funeral workers to some extent.

5. IT Specialists

Information technology specialists

One field that is likely to see an influx during a recession is the IT industry. With more companies moving to work-from-home to save costs, and meetings being held via Zoom to limit expensive travel, IT specialists will be in high demand.

All the corporate networks and databases still need to be accessible whether the GDP is soaring or plummeting. Therefore, a job in IT is a safe bet to ensure security during tough times.

Consider positions such as network administrators, data analysts, programmers, website designers, or database engineers.

6. Federal Government Employees

Working for the Federal Government is considered a stable job choice. Whether you are a civilian worker or a military employee, there are numerous opportunities for job growth and education enhancement. These will continue to arise no matter the status of the current economic environment.

7. Teachers

Teachers are one of our most valuable members of the workforce. Their services will always be essential, whether the country is enduring a recession or not. Whether you are teaching young children or are a college professor, teachers will always be needed to educate the next generation. Changes in society may change what the traditional classroom looks like. It may mean that there are more students per class, new subjects that need to be taught, or a spike in online learning, but no matter what changes occur, teachers will always be necessary to facilitate this change.

It is also important to note that teachers are unionized employees. This means that their union will help protect their jobs during downswings in the economy, making them a profession with excellent job security.

8. Delivery Drivers

Delivery Drivers

Over the course of the past few years, delivery drivers and home delivery services have taken the world by storm. You can have literally everything delivered to your front door, and more and more people are demanding same-day service. Because of this, delivery drivers are in extremely high demand. New job positions are opening up all the time, so if you love driving, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Until advancements in technology eliminate the need for physical drivers, delivery drivers are one occupation that won’t be significantly affected by a recession. You can look for positions within a local delivery company, work for a national company driving trucks across the country, or even work for yourself with a company like UberEats, or Instacart.

9. Grocery Store Employees

Whether we are in an excellent economic state or a poor one, one thing remains true - we all have to eat. The foods we decide to eat and what we can afford to buy may change, but we will always require our local grocery store to fulfill some of our nutritional and household needs. Because of this, grocery store employees, like a cashier, hold a relatively safe occupation, making their jobs more recession-proof than others. Whether you are a cashier, baker, butcher, or shelf stocker, working in a grocery store is a relatively safe way of ensuring your job stays safe- even in a recession.

If you are interested in working in a grocery store and want to give yourself the best chance at job security, choose large chain stores. Avoid smaller, specialty or high-end grocery stores as these may be too specialized or too high-priced to survive a recession successfully.

10. Mechanics


Even with the price of gas continually on the rise, people still need transportation to go about their days. While new car sales will definitely decrease as fewer people will be able to afford the luxury of a new vehicle, many people will choose to keep and continue to use their existing cars. These cars will require regular maintenance, and trained mechanics will be highly demanded. In order to extend the lives of these vehicles and get every last mile possible out of them, a mechanic will be an absolute necessity, making this profession one that is extremely valuable during a recession.

11. Public Transportation Workers

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Public transportation is crucial during a recession. Making it to work on time is essential to secure and maintain your position, and many people won't be able to afford the high costs of a personal vehicle. With spiking gas prices and the cost of maintaining a car, using public transportation may be a much more economical option.

Public Transportation Workers are the bus drivers, subway, and railcar drivers that help shuttle people throughout the city. Because this method of travel is much more affordable than other means, public transportation use usually significantly increases during poor economic times. This means that there is usually a higher demand for these workers, and it helps to keep their jobs safe when other industries are suffering.

12. Lawyers

No matter what the economic condition, people will still require legal counsel. In fact, during tough times, crime, divorce, and bankruptcy rates tend to increase considerably, making the need for lawyers even greater. 

Other legal professionals will also be in high demand. Those who work as paralegals, legal assistants, courtroom reporters, and court security will also find they are kept busy and can rest assured that their jobs will remain safe, even as the economy plummets. If becoming a lawyer or other legal professional roles interests you, perhaps try taking a career assessment test to get insight on whether this career might be gratifying to you based on your work personality. 

13. Veterinarians


Across the country, almost every household owns a pet, and each year, this number continues to grow. Animal lovers everywhere want to give the best possible care to their furry friends, and that means that veterinarians will always be in high demand.

In fact, as times get tough, many people will turn to their animals for comfort and stress relief; some will even opt to invite service and support animals into their homes. These animals can help them cope with depression and anxiety, and may prove to be a necessity for improving mental health during tough economic times.

Veterinarians and their technicians will prove to be vital when it comes to maintaining the health of these four-legged family members. While people may not choose to partake in as many elective procedures or treatments, they will still need someone that can help give their pets the best care possible.

14. Insurance Providers

To legally own a home or drive a car, you must have valid, up-to-date insurance. This means that insurance providers will always be in demand. During a recession, insurance providers may see a dip in demand. However, their jobs will always remain relatively safe, as they provide a service that will always be required.

While many people may not seek new insurance opportunities during a recession, those with extra discretionary income may. With financial security being a top priority during tough times, many people may take any extra funds they have and place them into insurance policies that guarantee themselves and their families access to healthcare and life insurance. This provides additional protection in the event that it is required.

15. Law Enforcement

All types of law enforcement workers are still required to fight crime, even in an economic downturn. In fact, it is not uncommon for crime rates, domestic disturbances, and theft to increase as the economy plummets. Because of this, we will always require police, detectives, federal agents, and even private security personnel to help keep ourselves and our communities protected.

job candidates waiting to be hired

If you are in the process of looking for a field to enter or are thinking about switching careers, take some time to consider how well your industry will fare during a recession. Potentially unstable economic times ahead make it even more important to know which jobs will survive a recession and which won't. While there is no guarantee when it comes to job security, there are many industries that will flourish during tough economic times.

The key is not only to find a career that will survive a recession but one that will also be compatible with you. Find a secure job that matches your work personality by taking a career assessment testScouting recession-proof industries and selecting a job within them that also matches your work personality will give you the best chance of obtaining a recession-proof career.


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