Career Test | Types

The term “Career Test” is very broad and sometimes even referred to as a “Career Assessment Test“. They include many different types of tests. It is important to understand the type and purpose of the career test you are taking.

Here are definitions of the 5 types of tests often called career tests, or career assessments, to help you choose the best career test for your purpose.

Work Personality | Career Test
Designed to specifically help you identify careers and jobs that would be your best choice. The work personality career test also assess your personality strengths, styles, and potential weaknesses in the work environment.

Desires or Interest Test | Motivational Test
Designed to help you organize your thoughts and identify career fields you like by asking about career interests and desires. Desire or Interest Tests often ask you to choose a career picture you like.

Aptitude Test
Designed to measure your skill levels in specific areas, this is most often used by employers to place you into the job position that fits the skills you already have. Aptitude Tests are often mislabeled.

Personality Tests
Designed to help give you insight into your general personality in the world. However, most people have a very different personality from when they “play” and when they work. Personality tests are not career specific to your personality at work.

Intelligence Tests | IQ Test
Designed to measure your intellectual abilities to help you determine what educational opportunities and goals might be a fit for you. Legitimate intelligence tests or IQ tests must be administered by a licensed professional.

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