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The career test designed by psychologists using scientific research and trusted by millions of people, universities, and career advisors for over 20 years.

Uncover who you are at work and generate the list of careers that fit your personality.

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What's included in the career personality report?

Our 10 page full report is based on scientific research and includes...

  • Your Best Career Choices
  • Your Earning Potential
  • Your Work Personality Strengths
  • Your Work Communication Style
  • Your Management Style
  • How You Work in a Team
  • Your Ideal Business Environment
  • Your Occupational Factors
  • Your Potential Weaknesses
  • 10 Best Personality Details
  • 10 Top Business Points
  • Your Personality Chart
  • Famous People Like You

Bonus: Career Research Reports, Career Videos, Career Advice... and more!

Why do students need to take our career test?

Knowing your career personality helps you pursue a degree and a job that you actually find fulfilling!

62% of college graduates are not working in the field of their degree after college.

Average cost of college:


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Increase your chance for success and happiness by choosing the degree that fits your work personality best before you spend 4 years and $192,000 on a degree you do not like.

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Understanding your work personality and the careers that fit your work personality can prevent years of
wasted education, unnecessary education debt, and time lost in jobs that don’t suit you.

CareerFitter helps you unlock your best career path and your optimal income potential.

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"The accuracy of my career quiz results surprised me, and the results were very helpful! I now have a clear direction in my new job search."

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