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CareerFitter combines decades of research to help you find the careers and jobs that fit.

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CareerFitter combines decades of research to help you find the careers and jobs that fit.

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CareerFitter Career Test

Our Career Test analyzes your personality in the work place. It provides you a list of careers and jobs to consider based on your work personality. It also generates a description of your optimal work environment, your strengths, your preferred management style, your work personality traits and more. See a sample of the career test report here.

Career Research and Career Information

Your Career Report also links your suggested careers and jobs to research on hundreds of other careers and jobs. You will gain insight about what to expect in a career: Pay Scale, Typical Day at Work, Growth, Required Education, and more.

What is a Career Test?

There are many types of assessments and career tests that are all placed in the same category of "Career Test".

Here are the differences:

CareerFitter Career Personality Test: Is specifically designed to determine your work personality. We immediately process your results and generate your report detailing your personality at work. Your report includes the list of careers and jobs that fit you best, helping you determine which career will bring you the most success and satisfaction. We also evaluate a wide spectrum of your personality traits at work including strengths, weaknesses, styles, optimal environments, and other in depth characteristics of you at work. Other types of "Career Tests" are general personality tests, motivational tests, skills tests, and desire based organizational placement tests.

  • General Personality Tests: With the exception of CareerFitter ­ most other online career tests are general personality tests. These "career tests" do not focus specifically on your personality at work. They combine your personality at both work and play. We consider these tests to be less effective when trying to determine a person's optimal career choices.
  • Desire - Organizational Placement Tests: These tests ask questions or show you pictures attempting to help you determine your desires regarding the type of job you might enjoy. It does not offer scientific insight into your personality. It simply tries to help you organize your desires. This type of test will often show you pictures of a person or object and ask you to pick the picture you like best. Sometimes (instead of pictures) these tests will simply ask you questions about what you like. Remember, these tests do not offer any scientific insight or research into your vocational personality. If you see a series of questions that is asking you to choose a picture you like the best… you are taking this type of organizational questionnaire. We do not recommend investing thousands of dollars in an education based on these results. These tests are for entertainment purposes.
  • Motivational Tests: These types of tests are designed to explore your motivation to pursue different careers. They are not designed to help you determine your work personality or to help you narrow down which careers fit you best based on your work personality. 
  • Skills Tests: These tests measure your aptitude for specific career skills. They help an employer determine your current skill level on the job.

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