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Answer all 60 questions as they pertain to you in a fulfilling work environment. There are no wrong answers. If you are undecided, choose the answer that describes you more often.

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Outgoing and Sociable
Factual and Realistic
Objective and Analytical
Flexible and Spontaneous
Reserved and Introspective
Idealistic and Theoretical
Empathetic and Sentimental
Structured and Decisive

In general, would you say others

get to know you rather easily

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The desires test helps you find careers that fit your desires. It simply gives insights into your desires by helping you organize your thoughts. It often asks you questions about the requirements or conditions of a career or job and if that requirement or condition sounds desirable to you in a work environment.

Aptitude testing determines your careers and strengths.  Questions assess your natural response in a work environment.  Best career matching, highest income potential, optimal work style, and more are associated with a higher aptitude for a career.

personality test uses questions designed by psychological research to determine your general personality outside of a working environment. This type of test may be combined with other career tests to help you understand a more holistic view of your personality and how you will interact with others even when you are not working.

IQ tests measure your intellectual ability. They are designed to test the levels of your mental capacity and speed regarding memory and problem-solving, which directly affect your level of intelligence. Intelligence can be improved through learning and education. However, medical science has shown your ability to learn fast and have a higher IQ can also be associated with genetics.

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FAQ about

FAQ about the Career Test

Yes. CareerFitter’s career test is designed to help you identify the strengths of your work personality and the jobs that will fit you best. The questions can be answered by persons ranging in age from young adults to seasoned professionals, provided they are able to answer straightforward questions about themselves.

These represent the characteristics of your personality being evaluated. When a circle progresses beyond halfway, the test has identified one of your dominant characteristics. Only some circles will show dominance.

Careerfitter’s career test is very accurate. Our test has been refined by science for over 20 years. Being that CareerFitter has been a career test leader for over 20 years, assessed millions of people, and has been used by major corporations and professional sports teams around the world, we believe CareerFitter is the best career test available. This is why, unlike other online tests, quizzes, and assessments, CareerFitter offers a satisfaction guarantee.

However, because the test taker must know themselves well enough to answer the questions accurately and honestly, no career test can claim to be perfect

Yes. There is no cost to take CareerFitter’s career test. Your free career test report is generated after you complete the questions. You can take our career test for free as many times as you choose.

Within your free career test report there is also an option to save your test results and view your Premium Career Report, career research, career videos, and search who is hiring near you.

CareerFitter’s career test is focused specifically on a person’s work personality or personality when they are working to uncover best career matches. There can be value in the different types of tests and quizzes for insight into desires, intelligence, and aptitude that work in unison with CareerFitter. CareerFitter is the most accurate career test online to offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Though there are many websites providing career tests, and some offering tests not backed by science that attempt to duplicate the questions of CareerFitter, our proprietary algorithms are never duplicated.

Depending on the examinee, the test should take 10-20 minutes. Having some experience in a work environment of any kind will help the examinee choose an answer more easily, however it is not required. There are no “wrong answers”. Examinees are choosing answers based on a work environment setting.

There is built-in superfluity to help assure accuracy. Even if you are not sure how to answer a specific question, other questions will evaluate that specific area of your personality again.

The “Unsure” tabs to the right of some questions will help you. They were designed to give you further insights into the scenario of the question you are being asked.

You can take the free career test as many times as you like.

Yes. You can print the free career test results. The Premium Career Report also has a print feature to print to paper or save as a PDF file to email or save to a hard drive.

Some people choose to include their Premium Career Report as part of their application when applying for a job.

They are the same test presented in the format you prefer, accommodating both desktop and mobile view. Some people prefer to see the questions in a “list format”, others prefer the mobile view which focuses on one question at a time.

The career test questions and answers are designed to visually change for the user to look different every time you take it.

Our test is in English. However, over the last 20 years, we have had the opportunity to help shape millions of lives with career guidance as the number one career assessment tool in every part of the world.

Technology has provided free options for translation in every major language around the world. Consider using Google Chrome as a language translation option.

Careerfitter developed their first career test in 1998 and has been a leader in career tests for over 20 years. The foundation of the test was pioneered by leading psychologists using scientific research that was later expanded with extensive human resource data and assessment research by the Hecht Group.

CareerFitter’s algorithms became (owned by CareerFitter, LLC) and version 1.0 went online in 1999 with the goal of guiding people toward their “Work Personality Strengths”. CareerFitter gives everyone access to their best career choices based on a scientific approach to assessing the foundations of their personality specifically when they are working. This work personality assessment is then combined with further research to identify the jobs and careers that would be the best match for the examinee.

As psychologists study the human psyche, research continues to expand and be more specified and is not limited to our general psychological makeup. It also extends to our unique abilities and design. It helps gauge the personality of a person and how they react to certain kinds of work and situations in a working environment. This allows psychologists to better suggest what careers and jobs are best suited for the subjects.

Personality tests for jobs are types of tests that have psychological basis. They help one study their own or their employees’ personality design, interests, and abilities. They do so through a set of verified questions, the answers to which are carefully researched. The results are usually in a range of data indicating a person's inclination towards certain dominant personality traits and interests. They do not aim to give a solid black and white picture of a subject's interests or traits.

To put is concisely, these assessments help you:

  • Discover your personality type while working
  • Explore your interests
  • Explore the skills needed for a career
  • Prepare for a career in which you are likely to succeed
  • List your strengths and abilities on your resume

The best assessments are backed by scientific research and have been validated in studies and schools of psychology. Since there are many types of career tests, the first step is determining what you would like to discover about yourself. Then choose the test or assessment that focuses on the type of results you are seeking.

This career test assesses your work personality. It asks psychologically designed questions to learn more about the dimensions of your personality when you are working. It then uses research to understand how your unique combination of your personality traits fit together to determine the specific careers and jobs that would give you the highest satisfaction.