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15 Best Year-round & Summer Jobs for High School Students

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15 Year-round and Summer Jobs for High School Students

15 Year-round and Summer Jobs for High School Students

15 Year-round and Summer Jobs for High School Students

According to recent statistics, 20.3 percent of teenagers aged 16 to 19 are employees enrolled at school in the US. This statistic includes students working year-round or only during the summer. Many find that whether to help out at home, save for college, or have spending money for their social life - we're only human - the best thing to do is secure summer jobs or summer internships.

We've provided five summer jobs that also double as year-round part-time employment for high school students. We've also discussed five summer internship opportunities to help you determine your skills and what you should study before completing your college application.

The Benefits Of Getting A Summer Job Or Year-Round Job

They say knowledge is power. Knowing how a summer or year-round job may benefit you might provide you with the motivation you need to feel optimistic about working over the summer instead of wasting time being unproductive.

Here are some ways a job over the summer or year-round can benefit a high school student:

  • Exploration: Summer jobs and internships help students pursue their interests and explore potential careers they might want to undertake after college. You'll also gain valuable skills and knowledge about different industries by getting hired for a summer job, internship, or part-time year-round employment.
  • Work experience: Building a resume can be difficult when you have little to put on it. As a high school student, gaining basic and essential skills in the workplace through a summer job and internship will give you the experience needed to make your resume stand out above the rest. Not to mention, having past work experience can help you stand out as a prospective student when you're completing college applications.
  • Communication skills development and building connections: Some summer jobs or internships may offer a mentor who will help you gain a connection that could lead to an opportunity after you’ve completed your internship. In addition, by exploring your interests and maintaining a part-time job, you're effectively continuing to learn new communication skills, which are vital in college and your future career.

Summer Jobs For High School Students

Summer Jobs For High School Students

Now that you have read about a few benefits of getting a job over the summer, we are sure you're passionate about beginning to apply for open positions. Yet, what jobs should you apply to?

Here are five of the best entry-level summer job positions for you to review and consider:

  • Lifeguard: The average pay for summer job lifeguard positions is $14.21 per hour. If you want to gain experience in emergency services or health care, you should consider a lifeguard position at a community pool or water park. This job provides excellent experience in crisis management and working in multi-functional environments, and it helps you gain good communication and leadership skills. However, you might need a CPR certificate to qualify.
  • Lawn Care Worker: Although it seems to be a right-of-passage job as it is considered grueling and pays little in comparison, it's worth considering if you enjoy working outdoors. The average pay is $10.45 per hour, but working as a lawn care worker helps you gain valuable experience working with multiple clients. You also get referrals and entrepreneurial skills. This position will also help teach you schedule planning, and since it's flexible, it leaves you plenty of time for fun.
  • Barista: If you want to learn basic skills in teamwork, time management, and customer service and love cozy coffee shops, consider working as a barista in a coffee shop. Working as a barista is also a great way to experience the food and beverage industry if you are looking to pursue a career in these fields after college. The pay is also attractive, with an average hourly wage of $14 to $18.
  • Babysitter or Nanny: If you are interested in a childcare career after school, a nanny or babysitting summer or year-round job may be perfect for you. Many of these jobs open up over the summer since parents have to go to work and young children need to be looked after while not in school. This will give you hands-on experience with the ups and downs of working with children while building up references and experience to add to your resume. Pay-wise, the hourly wage for a babysitting summer job is $17.62.
  • Restaurant Host/Hostess: A position as a restaurant host or hostess offers a median pay of $11.87 per hour. In this role, you are the first point of contact for guests entering the restaurant. Your responsibilities include greeting guests, helping them find tables, and providing important information such as wait times. A friendly and helpful attitude is crucial for this job, as you set the tone for the guests' dining experience. Working as a host or hostess helps you develop strong customer service and communication skills. This job is suitable for those who enjoy interacting with people and providing hospitality services, making it a great entry-level position in the restaurant industry.

Part-time Jobs For High School Students

If you are looking for year-round employment, take a look at these part-time jobs for High School students and teens:

  • Tutor: If you consider yourself an expert in science, math, English, IT, or any other subject, why not tutor and offer lessons to other high schoolers, children, or seniors who may be struggling with their education? This offers great experience in teaching, entrepreneurship, and communication. You will also get to set your own hourly wage based on what you think your skills are worth, typically ranging from $15 to $30 per hour, depending on your expertise and location.
  • Grocery Store Clerk: Working as a grocery store clerk is a practical job for teens looking for part-time employment year-round. In this role, you will assist customers with their shopping needs, stock shelves, bag groceries, and operate the cash register. This position helps develop essential skills such as customer service, inventory management, and effective communication. Working in a grocery store can be dynamic and engaging, with the opportunity to interact with a variety of people every day. The job also teaches you how to manage time efficiently and work as part of a team, making it a valuable experience for any future career. The average pay for a grocery store clerk ranges from $10 to $15 per hour.
  • Dog Walker/Pet Sitter: For animal lovers, working as a dog walker or pet sitter can be an ideal part-time job. This role involves walking dogs, feeding pets, and sometimes staying overnight to care for animals while their owners are away. As a dog walker or pet sitter, you will gain responsibility, time management, and animal care skills. This job is not only rewarding but also offers a flexible schedule that can fit around your school commitments. It’s a great way to earn money while spending time with animals and ensuring their well-being. The pay for dog walkers and pet sitters generally ranges from $12 to $20 per hour.
  • Mover: Working as a mover is a physically demanding yet rewarding job that can be done year-round. Movers help individuals and businesses transport their belongings from one location to another, involving tasks such as packing, loading, and unloading items. This job requires strength, stamina, and attention to detail. As a mover, you will develop skills in logistics, teamwork, and customer service. The role offers a good workout and the satisfaction of helping people during a significant life transition. It’s perfect for teens who don’t mind physical labor and enjoy working in a team-oriented environment. Movers typically earn between $13 and $20 per hour.
  • Administrative Assistant: As an administrative assistant, you will perform a variety of clerical tasks, such as data entry, answering phones, scheduling appointments, and managing files. This job provides valuable office skills, time management, and communication experience. Working in an office environment, you will learn how to handle administrative duties efficiently and effectively, which can be beneficial for any future career path. The role of an administrative assistant is ideal for teens who are organized, detail-oriented and enjoy working in a structured setting. It offers a great opportunity to understand the inner workings of an office and gain professional experience. The pay for administrative assistants generally ranges from $12 to $18 per hour for inexperienced assistants but can increase dramatically with more experience.

Some administrative assistant roles, such as virtual assistants, can work remotely, which has its own set of unique learning opportunities for those who want to pursue remote career paths and build self-discipline, as you likely will be asked to be more independent than an assistant working in an office setting. Upwork is a good starting point for finding these remote virtual assistant roles, but you will need to be a senior (18 years old) to join the platform. These platforms let you set your own hourly rate, so the sky is the limit, but the average tends to be about $24 per hour.

5 Internship Opportunities for High School Students

A summer internship is a good alternative to a summer job since it offers transformative experiences and an incredible opportunity for skill- building.

However, it's important to realize that many summer internships don't offer wages or pay minimum wage. If you do want to pursue a summer internship, have a look below at five internship opportunities you can review and apply to before the summer:

1. Cloudflare

If you want to volunteer for internship opportunities in project management, marketing, business, or engineering, Cloudflare is one of the best businesses to apply to.

Cloudflare offers interns the opportunity to work on projects that improve the internet to make it better for everyone. This also makes interning at Cloudflare great for those who want to wet their feet in the IT industry if they are looking to enter internet or web-based careers.

2. Microsoft High School Discovery Program

Seniors considering university or college courses related to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) should consider applying for the four-week internship for the Microsoft High School Discovery Program.

This internship provides key critical thinking, innovation, and problem-solving skills within each branch of STEM. It also adds the bonus of working alongside some of the program's top minds while focusing on computer science.

3. Johns Hopkins CARES Summer Program

Johns Hopkins is a well-respected name that provides internship programs focusing on the fields of health care and STEM.

Johns Hopkins CARES program, or Career, Academic, and Research Experiences for Students, is ideal for underrepresented high school juniors or seniors committed to pursuing a career in science, medicine, or public health.

Interns will also be offered opportunities to network and share research with the highest-achieving undergraduates across the US.

4. Smithsonian Summer Internship

If your goal is to gain a skill set that can be used in multiple fields, then a Smithsonian Summer Internship program should be something you consider. Smithsonian summer internship programs cater to high school students interested in multiple fields of study. This internship program focuses on teaching a wide range of learnable skills while providing a safe, educational environment for students to thrive in.

Some examples of skills you could gain while interning at the Smithsonian include leadership skills, marketing, social media management, and more.

5. The Met Summer High School Internship

For artistic high school students in New Jersey, Connecticut, or New York, the Met summer high school internship program is worth exploring. You should consider applying for an internship at the MET summer high school internship if you want to explore your crafting and artistic skills and want to learn where they can take you in life.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers this paid internship to students dedicated to their art. It offers opportunities to connect with many artistic or creative professionals while obtaining key skills relating to their artistic talents.

6. Internship Boards

There is also an extensive list of internship opportunities at Linkedin.

The Wrap-Up On Discovering Your Future Career

Finding a summer job, part-time employment, or an internship when you are a high school student may seem scary at first, but it's worth exploring. Through employment, you can learn vital skills, responsibility, the value of financial security, and a passion for a future career pathway after college. If this is your 1st job, then learn more about putting together your resume and cover letter to make sure you have the best shot of landing your ideal job. You can even use AI solutions like ChatGPT to quickly build a resume and cover letter for you.

So, if you want to start working as a high schooler but are unsure what career you want to pursue, consider career assessment tests. A career test will help you find and complete the right summer job or internship that benefits your future!

FAQs About Summer Jobs for High School Students

What is the best job while in high school?

Tutoring is one of the best jobs to have while in high school. You can earn money part-time by teaching struggling students on a flexible schedule after school or on weekends. You don't need any specific certifications; you only need to understand a subject well enough to teach it. Best of all, you can set your own hourly wage!

Which summer job pays the most?

Babysitting is one of the highest-paying summer jobs, with an average hourly wage of $17.62. Lifeguards also earn a competitive wage of $14.21 per hour, while baristas can earn between $14 to $18 per hour. However, a tutor can earn more depending on their hourly wage, which can range from $15 to $30 per hour or higher based on expertise and location, but this is likely to be available during the school year.

How to find a job just for the summer?

Focus on searching for jobs and internships that mention they are seasonal or temporary and have dates only during the summer holidays. Websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and local community job boards often list summer-specific positions. Networking with family, friends, and teachers can also help you find temporary summer job opportunities. Additionally, community pools, water parks, and local businesses frequently hire seasonal workers for the summer.


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