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Work Personality Fingerprint
Work Personality Fingerprint
  • A visual depiction of your work personality strengths

    A visual depiction of your work personality strengths

  • Displays the dominant areas of your work personality

    Displays the dominant areas of your work personality

  • Details how your work energy, behavior, and decisions are influenced

    Details how your work energy, behavior, and decisions are influenced

  • Include your personality fingerprint within your CV and Linkedin page

    Include your personality fingerprint within your CV and LinkedIn page.

Work Personality Profile Report
Work Personality Profile Report

Congratulations for taking the time to discover your career personality. This report is based on your CareerFitter career test. Your results are designed to uncover details about your work personality and help you find the best careers for your personality when you are working.

The Ringleader

Your Quest:


Your Style:


Your Strength:

Dedication and Focus

The Ringleader

Your report includes:

  • Best Career Choices

    Best Career Choices

  • ccupational Factors

    Occupational Factors

  • Primary Characteristics

    Primary Characteristics

  • Thomas at Work

    Thomas at Work

  • Potential Weaknesses

    Potential Weaknesses

  • Personality Details

    Personality Details

  • Business Points

    Business Points

  • Communication Method

    Communication Method

  • Ideal Business Environment

    Ideal Business Environment

  • Team Building Approach

    Team Building Approach

  • Management Practice

    Management Practice

  • Famous People Like You

    Famous People Like You

Your Results Include
This section is a hypothetical report generated as an example.
You are a natural-born leader, passionate about excellence. You work diligently to reach the high standards and ambitious goals you've set for yourself. Even though you don’t always pursue leadership opportunities, your steadfast dedication earns you immense respect and admiration among your peers. This often results in you assuming leadership roles.
You possess the distinctive ability to envision the “big picture” while simultaneously zeroing in on the finer details. This blend of overarching vision and meticulous attention naturally attracts people to you, fostering trust and spurring motivation.

Driven from within, your motivation is deeply rooted in your own uncompromising standards rather than the allure of external accolades.
Your organizational skills are commendable. You manage teams or projects smoothly, ensuring that time and resources are optimally utilized.
Adept at focusing on details, you place a premium on productivity, efficiency, and tangible results.

Even with your stringent standards, your genuine empathy for others stands out. This warmth and understanding motivate people to give their utmost when working alongside you.
You exude confidence in your abilities, yet you do so humbly, never flaunting or fishing for compliments.
Resting on past achievements isn't your style. You're continually seeking ways to enhance your performance and reach loftier heights.
Overall, you epitomize traits of determination, analytical thinking, trustworthiness, pragmatism, compassion, positivity, responsibility, and steadiness.
Income Potential
 Your innate leadership skills position you perfectly for high-level management and executive roles. Consequently, your potential earnings are a staggering 417% above the national average, reflecting the ideal career matches for you. For instance, one such career that aligns with your strengths boasted an average annual salary of $305,737 in the previous year.
Best Career Choices
Go to the Explore My Careers section to see your list of best careers resulting from your completed career tests: work personality assessment, aptitude assessment, aversions assessment, work environment, and preference choices.
Occupational Factors
You will likely find career satisfaction doing work that:
  • Allows you to lead and inspire teams
  • Challenges you to maintain high standards and achieve excellence
  • Offers opportunities for strategic planning and big-picture thinking
  • Requires meticulous attention to detail
  • Recognizes and rewards intrinsic motivation and dedication
  • Lets you organize and manage resources efficiently
  • Calls for decision-making and taking responsibility
  • Values genuine concern for the well-being and development of others
  • Encourages continuous learning and self-improvement
  • Positions you in roles of authority and influence
4 Primary Characteristics
Primary Characteristics analyzed the four major aspects of your work personality. In each section, you will find details about how your specific work personality characteristic applies to your work and your work environment. 
1. You are Focused and Reserved and most likely:
  • Prioritize tasks and see them through to completion.
  • Prefer deep, meaningful conversations over small talk.
  • Enjoy spending time alone or in small, intimate settings.
  • Think before you speak or act.
  • Avoid getting sidetracked by distractions.
  • Appreciate structured environments and routines.
  • Work well independently or in one-on-one situations.
  • Limit the sharing of personal emotions or thoughts unless comfortable.
  • Handle stress by seeking solitude and reflection.
  • Commit deeply to projects or people once decided.
  • Have 1-2 good work friends, rather than a lot of friendly acquaintances.
  • Don’t like meetings, unless they are brief and highly productive.
  • Dislike multi-tasking; you prefer to focus on one project at a time.
  • Like to plan and make lists, you believe a structured path is the only way to move forward.

Your focus and reservation offer a potent combination of strengths that distinguish you in many settings. With your ability to deeply concentrate, you ensure tasks are carried out with precision and commitment. This unwavering focus likely enhances your efficiency and grants you a richer understanding of tasks or subjects.
Additionally, your reserved nature beautifully complements your focus. You're someone who takes time to think, allowing for well-thought-out decisions. Rather than getting swept up in fleeting interactions, you lean towards meaningful connections. When you choose to speak or act, it's always brimming with intention and purpose. In our constantly buzzing world, your combined focus and reservation shine brightly as markers of depth, clarity, and steadfastness.
2. You are Thoughtful and Analytical and most likely:
  • Possess exceptional listening skills.
  • Tend to avoid small talk and typically steer clear of “chatty” situations or areas within the company.
  • Always think before speaking. Some might misinterpret your pause as disinterest, but those who know you understand that your words carry significant weight, making others keen to listen.
  • Might take longer to address problems, given that you meticulously evaluate all options. However, once you've chosen a strategy, your actions are swift and decisive.
  • Generally prefer working with computers, objects, or tools over direct interaction with people.
  • Are innately curious, constantly questioning the how and why of things, and derive satisfaction from delving deep into subjects until you grasp them fully.
  • Often notice patterns or connections that others might overlook due to your analytical nature.
  • Value data and evidence-based decision-making, ensuring that your conclusions are always grounded in fact.

Being thoughtful and analytical, you embody a blend of introspection and keen insight that makes you stand out. Your thoughtfulness ensures that your words and actions are always purposeful, carrying a depth and sincerity that others are drawn to. It allows you to connect on a profound level, making interactions meaningful and genuine. Coupled with your analytical nature, this depth is magnified.
Your ability to dissect complex issues, spot patterns, and synthesize information is unparalleled. You don't just scratch the surface; you delve deep, questioning the 'how' and 'why' of things. In a world that often rushes to judgment or action, your combined thoughtfulness and analytical prowess act as a beacon, signaling the power of patience, understanding, and meticulous examination.
3. You are Practical and Realistic and most likely:
  • Excel in emergencies, maintaining your composure and focusing on the necessary actions.
  • Live fully in the present, free from undue stress. Your level-headedness enables you to foresee challenges and prepare for them, allowing you to savor each moment.
  • Serve as the go-to person for those seeking wisdom and truth.
  • Often find yourself in the role of mediator, even if it's not always your preferred position.
  • Tend to favor interactions with individuals who are precise, practical, and thorough. Those with a more whimsical or erratic demeanor might perplex or annoy you.
  • Possess a deeply rooted sense of justice.
4. You are Decisive and Structured and most likely:
  • Have an organized desk, office, filing system, and methods. You believe in “a place for everything, and everything in its place.”
  • Don’t enjoy projects that just keep going on and on and on. You like to “get things done!”
  • Are impatient with delays, inconsistencies, and inefficiencies that interfere with your forward momentum.
  • Don’t like surprises.
  • Rarely second-guess a decision you’ve made because you considered every option...and because once you decide, you’re committed.
  • Are often viewed as a perfectionist.
As a Ringleader at Work
You are the strong, quiet leader who prefers to work methodically, thoughtfully, and with focus. People value and respect your input and wisdom and do not hesitate to approach you for help with complicated problems. You enjoy solving complex problems for your co-workers.  
However, you prefer providing guidance that helps them reach solutions on their own and this tends to make you even more valuable as a leader. You like a well-run ship and often go “above and beyond” to take on tasks and manage projects that contribute to efficiency. You are the go-to person for advice and wisdom when tough decisions need to be made. 
Potential Weaknesses
Your high standards make it difficult for you to delegate tasks, especially to people you view as less capable. As a result, you often find yourself with a heavy workload; plus, you sometimes overlook opportunities to nurture the potential of your team. Your preference for independent work, combined with your dislike of small talk and office “togetherness,” can make you appear aloof or cold, so it’s important for you to make an effort to communicate often and well...and preferably in person.
When you get frustrated – because you can be intense – it can be interpreted as anger or dislike and cause hurt feelings or miscommunication among your coworkers. 
Best Personality Strengths
These are your strongest and most valuable work personality character strengths. These define “who you are” at work in “big picture” terms and offer insight into how others perceive you.
You are:
  • Bold
  • Introspective
  • Honest 
  • Accountable
  • Principled
  • Focused
  • Determined
  • A great listener
  • Reliable
  • Witty
Top Business Points
Your Top Business Points detail specific strengths and qualities unique to your work personality. These strengths deserve special consideration when determining if a specific job or career is a “best fit” for you. Does it allow you to utilize some or most of these strengths? 
  • A strong sense of what’s right, with high standards and principles
  • Structured and organized
  • Thorough and precise, with great attention to detail
  • Open-minded, considers all options and ideas from others
  • Analytical and logical, makes decisions from facts rather than emotions
  • Curious and inquisitive, asks important questions
  • Respected by others
  • Motivates others to maintain high standards
  • Dedicated and loyal to the good of the company
  • Skilled at restructuring for efficiency 
Communication Method
"Communication Method" describes the way your work personality communicates most naturally and effectively. This insight is important to understand about yourself and to implement in your work environment to achieve your best communication with others. It is also important to share with those who supervise you to achieve optimal effectiveness.
  • You prefer to talk with a purpose, and would rather listen before sharing..
  • You depend on facts and principles to support your viewpoint.
  • You’d rather communicate through email than in person and one-on-one rather than in a group environment like meetings or conferences.
  • You prefer to talk in absolutes rather than uncertainties; what is, rather than what might be.
  • You value honesty. 
Ideal Business Environment
Consider these specific factors unique to your work personality when evaluating a new position or career field. Will your new career choice fulfill these needs for your personality?
You enjoy working with people who are very capable and who share your passion for excellence and quality.  You also like to be challenged because it allows you to gain new skills and knowledge, which is important to you. 
Your ideal work environment is one that:
  • Gives you authority to make decisions that impact the end result
  • Provides opportunities to take calculated risks
  • Gives you the flexibility to work alone or as part of a team
  • Provides a structured environment with clear goals and expectations
  • Is within a respectable company or industry that values forward momentum
Team Building Approach
How you work as part of a team is an important piece of who you are in the workplace. Knowing the unique value you bring to the team will help you understand how to maximize your assets in the group. 
  • You like to work in accordance with the standards and principles of the organization.
  • You value efficient, organized leadership.
  • You like task-oriented responsibilities that can be accomplished one at a time; you prefer not to multitask.
  • You prefer to work solo or with just one other, high-standard individual.
  • You’re not afraid to speak up but will only do so when there is value to add.
  • You’re not offended or hurt when your ideas are not chosen; you’ll work well and commit to the best option for the company, regardless of whose idea it was.
Management Practice
These are your most important strengths and characteristics when managing others. 
  • You’re careful with delegation.
  • You like to nurture good talent by thoughtfully assigning task-oriented responsibilities that will challenge and develop each team member according to their skills.
  • You like your team to work within the game plan yet still value contributions and ideas that are “outside the box.”
  • You expect your team to be accountable; you don’t like mistakes, but you recognize the value of learning from them.
  • You prefer to communicate and give feedback via email rather than in person.
  • Because your standards are so high, you tend to give praise sparingly. This can work for you or against you, depending on the work personalities of your team.
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