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The Best Career Assessments For Your Career Path

by Troy Norton

Finding The Best Career Assessments

The goal... help you find the career assessment that is legitimate and says "WOW... you were born to be a doctor!"  or  "If your not a Veterinarian you're throwing your life away!" 

And maybe it doesn't stop there... Maybe this  "career assessment" will also guide us to career details on what it's like to be a doctor or lawyer or UPS delivery person.... why not?  And... since we are dreaming of the unicorn... we want this assessment to show us jobs we are matched to that are hiring nearby. 

Does a career assessment that works exist?  Simply - YES!  

Some specialize in different areas of career, personality discovery, and some simply help filter and organize our career desires.  Yet, these assessments can work together as complementing tools for your career path research.

The reason everyone should consider a career assessment:

1.  A degree that makes it difficult to find a job, like Theatre Tech, is expensive and not going to pay your school loans.  So, let's look at assessments that fit our work personality and skills so we can pay the bills. 

2.  Sixty-two percent of people do not work in the career they pursued in college.  Why?  Because they were too young to know what they wanted to do for the rest of their life.  They needed instead to be guided by an assessment that will open up the truths about the career they were designed for.  Then, it's not just a job or a career, it's what you love to do.  

Finding the best career path is the only thing standing between you and never having to work another day in your life - because it just doesn’t feel like work.

But what is the perfect career for you? What suits your work personality, style, and financial needs best? Technology has provided us online career tests that can help us figure it out in different ways.

Let's start by learning who we are at work

CareerFitter Career Tests

These guys are the experts in career assessments that help you find the career match for your personality when you are working.  careerfitter career assessmentThey discovered we all have a work personality and a "play" personality. 

This isn't the 16 Personality Test you took for fun.  CareerFitter's assessment is scientifically designed to drill into your mind when you are in work mode.  They have been doing this online for over 20 years.

This assessment is easy to take because the questions are about you.  No wrong answers.  Takes 12 to 15 minutes.

Their free career test is a great place to start and it will give you some insight into the number of careers that fit you, your strengths, and your income-earning potential; salary value. 

If you opt for the Premium Report for $19.95 your list of matching careers are linked to career videos and companies hiring near your zip code.

OK - so we discovered our personality and found the list of careers that we should pursue.  But, do we have the knowledge to pull it off?

Enter the Aptitude Tests
Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation provides aptitude testing and research designed to tell you if your brain is equipped for that perfect career.

If this test sounds fancy, that’s because it is.  This is an assessment but not one that looks at you from a psychological point of view.  This one has questions you can get wrong.  The organization focuses on aptitude.   An aptitude test helps you discover the learned skills you have.

Johnson O’Connor is a nonprofit that’s been helping people find their ideal careers for almost 100 years.

Cost: $750 (most offices), $850 (San Francisco, Florida, Austin)
The fee includes one year of follow-up discussion at no additional cost.


Confirm your career with a Desires Tests

These tests help you organize your career desires. It shows you pictures of people in careers and asks you to organize your desires based on what picture you want to be

Instead of answering questions, the platform displays photos and you get to choose the one you like best and the one you like least. After 15 sets, you’ll receive a Holland Code result and learn whether you’re a doer, a thinker, a creator, a helper, a persuader, or an organizer.

The Enneagram Institute: Take the RHETI

Cost: $12
Enneagram type is all the rage in online dating, but it’s may also help offer insights that will complement your career success.

Knowing what type you are not only ups the odds that you’ll find your ideal job, but it can improve your abilities as a manager and coworker, too.

Based on your questions it will show if you’re the Helper, the Achiever, the Individualist, the Investigator, the Loyalist, the Enthusiast, the Challenger, or the Peacemaker.

Putting all The Tests Together

Though they may all be called “career tests” they are designed differently and can be used to work together to uncover different areas of who you are or what your desires could be. 

The best career tests are backed by science and some are created for organizational convenience.  Yet, they can work together and help you save a lot of money helping you find a career that feeds your bank account as well as your soul.

Take the free career tests but do not be afraid to invest in yourself by getting the Premium Reports.  It's a small investment that can guide you to the best career path and give you the confidence to finally ask for that raise!


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