Using an Access Code

You have been given an Access Code to take the career assessment test by CareerFitter.
What is an Access Code?
The access code you have been given allows you to take a pre-paid career test that gives you Premium CareerFitter access.
The organization that purchased the access code will be able to see your results.


To Begin:  Register to take the career test and redeem your access code here.
Take the career assessment when you have 20 to 30 minutes of time and you are in a non-distracted, relaxed state of mind.  Once you start the test you must continue to the end.  There are 60 questions designed to learn more about who you are in a work environment. 
  • Remember, there are NO wrong answers. 

Your Results
Your results will generate the Premium Career Report by CareerFitter

  • You have full access to career research and videos | clicking on the name of your suggested career opens the research
  • Save your favorite careers
  • Search for employers who are hiring your suggested careers and jobs near you (USA and Canada)

Take your assessment another time | Return to view your results

If you already registered using an access code but do not have time to complete the assessment, you can return later. 
Do not redeem your access code again.  You are already a registered user.
Simply login here as a user to view your results or to take the test for the first time.
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