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Highest Paying Tech Careers and Jobs for 2024

by CareerFitter

The tech industry is one of those fields that is constantly and rapidly evolving. Because of this, it is also one of the most lucrative industries to work in if you can stay up-to-date and aren't afraid of learning and growing.

So, what are the best tech jobs in 2024, and what are the requirements for each? Let's talk about nine of them with high-income potential and growing job opportunities right now. 

The more specialized you are in these roles, the better you will be at competing in this lucrative industry.

1. Computer and Information Research Scientists 

computer information research scientist smiles at her deskTop paying salary: $208,000+

If you want to use your creativity to create limitless uses for computing technology, consider a job as a computer and information research scientist

With this innovative career, you would work to research and implement solutions to complex problems, using both innovative and existing technology. 

Candidates are usually expected to have an advanced degree, such as a master's degree or a doctorate degree, showing sufficient knowledge in the field. The field is expected to grow by 21 percent by 2031. 

How to get started: 

2. Computer Network Architect 

computer network architect woman concentrates on computer code Top paying salary: $168,890+

The builders of the tech world, as a computer network architect, you would work to create data communication networks from the ground up. 

Much like an architect of buildings, being a computer network architect involves envisioning that which does not exist yet and crafting a plan to build it. 

Depending on what the network will be used for, if you land a role as a computer network architect, you may create intranet networks, local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), or cloud-based networks.

Because networks are used within the infrastructure of almost all businesses these days, demand is high for qualified individuals.

To become a computer network architect, a bachelor’s degree is often required, and having experience in this or a similar role will make you stand out from other candidates. 

How to get started: 

3. Computer Programmers

computer programmer drinks coffee and looks at codeTop paying salary: $155,240+

Computer programmers have led the way as a top tech career for a long time now, and 2024 is no different. If you enjoy coding, as well as the versatility of being able to work from home or in an office setting, then a career as a computer programmer may be a good fit. 

As a computer programmer, you would write, change, and test code and scripts. Computer programmers usually enjoy the behind-the-scenes process of writing code and take pride in working on a sequence until it achieves the desired results. 

As a computer programmer, you would be an essential part of the tech industry.  and are often fluent in multiple programming languages. 

Getting a computer science bachelor’s degree is recommended for this job. However, many computer programmers are self-taught through a boot camp or opt for certifications over a traditional degree. 

Fluency in multiple programming languages and a strong portfolio showing your past work will speak volumes. 

How to get started: 

4. Computer Support Specialists

computer support specialist person wears a headset and talks to a customerTop paying salary: $168,570+

If you are looking to break into the tech industry but are still trying to figure out where to start, a job as a computer support specialist can often help you get your foot in the door. These roles are often entry-level, with the opportunity to advance. 

Computer support specialists assist customers with tech-related issues. This could include anything from resetting passwords, troubleshooting, or walking customers through what they need to do to fix a problem on their own device. 

To succeed in this role, you must have a patient personality and excellent customer service skills. Job opportunities as a customer support specialist are expected to continue to grow over the next decade. 

How to get started: 

5. Software Quality Assurance Analyst or Tester

software quality assurance person wears a headset and tests a computer gameTop paying salary:  $150,000+

Software quality assurance analysts work hard to ensure that software programs run smoothly. As a software quality assurance analyst or tester, you would run simulations and institute quality control measures to identify current or potential computer application problems.  

Software quality assurance analysts also employ methods for detecting bugs within software systems and run compatibility tests between computer software. 

If issues are found, you would document and ensure that the correct people are notified and, if needed, your recommendations for resolving the problem. This field is expected to grow by 25% over the next several years. 

How to get started: 

6. Information Security Analysts

a network security analyst points to a red computer screen with chartsTop paying salary:  $165,920+

Are you passionate about keeping people's private information secure? With the constant update of applications and software, information is constantly being compromised with data breaches. Because of this, jobs as information security analysts are booming. 

This role will continue to become even more critical in industries with a vital urgency for protecting data, such as healthcare or government-related fields.

Most information security analysts are expected to have a bachelor's degree in a computer science field. 

Still, since the industry is newer than others, it is possible to get a role with non-traditional routes. Getting certifications in cybersecurity to show employers your up-to-date knowledge of security subjects is common.

How to get started: 

7. Web Developers and Digital Designers

four website developers work at a table on laptopsTop paying salary:  $165,920+

If you're looking for a job in the tech industry that can show off your artistic side, work as a web developer or digital designer may be perfect. 

Web developers create websites and maintain them. They observe and optimize website speed and traffic. Digital designers create and test website layouts and functions to ensure they are user-friendly. They also write code for sites in languages like HTML or XML. 

Many web developers are self-employed or work on remote teams, making this an ideal position for those who require flexibility in their schedule or work environment.

Much like a traditional artist, a portfolio showing your web developer skills can make up for lack of higher education in this field. Potential employers and clients often just want to know what you are capable of!   

How to get started: 

8. Computer Systems Analysts

two computer systems analysts inspect data storage facilityTop paying salary: $158,010+

If maximizing efficiency is something you think you would excel at, work as a computer systems analyst may be a good fit. 

Computer systems analysts analyze an organization's computer systems, strategize methods to optimize them, and study the costs and benefits of current and potential system options. 

Computer systems analysts are also instrumental in designing new computer systems for a company, overseeing the installation and configuration of these new systems. 

Typically, computer system analysts have a bachelor's degree in computer science, though getting technical certifications and building experience can be enough to get your foot in the door.  

How to get started: 

9. Network and Computer Systems Administrators

a network system administrator studies a detailed network mapping screenTop paying salary: $130,830+

Network and Computer Systems Administrators install network hardware and software for organizations, oversee ongoing functionality, and make upgrades and repairs when needed. 

This role may appeal to you if you have a hard time with monotony and would enjoy a job that presents unique challenges each day. 

 If you work as a network administrator, you may also assist network architects in the design process.

Since this is an administrative role, often maintaining a business's internal network, you could work in companies in various fields, both in small businesses or large corporations. 

Most network and computer systems administrators have a bachelor's degree in a technology-related field, but some gain expertise through certificate programs or on-the-job experience. 

How to get started: 

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Getting Hired in the High-Paying Tech Industry

Breaking into the 2024 tech industry will be less challenging if you are already being represented by the best headhunting firm and when you are prepared with a resume that won't get rejected.  But, be prepared to present why your personality fits.  They want to know that you fit in with their team. 

All of the careers above require the strength of a work personality that leans more toward introversion and if you are not more of an introvert, stop now.  You might fool them and get the gig but it will drain you.  There are more personality traits that would be best to have.  Take a work personality career assessment test to learn more about who you are when you are working and see the list of suggested careers that fit you best.  Consider adding your personality strengths to your resume or CV.

If your personality fits, build a professional portfolio, pursue continuing education through degree programs or certifications, and show your ability to learn on the job.  I'd say good luck but you have a better chance if you are proactive and make your own luck.  Now - go get your tech career dream!


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