About CareerFitter

CareerFitter.com has been a trusted resource for universities, career coaches, government organizations, and countless companies worldwide for over twenty-three years. With millions of individuals utilizing our career test, with someone taking our test every three seconds, we have reached every continent and crossed cultural boundaries. Our career test has been evaluated by reputable companies like Forbes magazine, Psychology Today, and TopResume. 

CareerFitter.com was born out of the idea that there must be a way through online assessments to determine the careers and work environment that will lead to the most fulfilling life for each person. Derived from the original assessment “The CareerFitter”, the root of the assessment combines occupational research with decades of foundational  work from leading psychologists.  The online assessment test focuses on the analyses of each individual's work personality profile to help identify their strengths in the workplace, preferred communication method, ideal business environment (and more) and combines the assessed eight characteristics of personality to comprise their unique personality fingerprint.

Our Mission

Our mission at CareerFitter.com is to help guide each person to discover more about who they are when they are working and the workplace environment inwhich their personality may thrive.  We stive to help each examinee reach their full potential in career satisfaction, income, and career knowledge to make a more educated decision about the career that fits.

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