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Careers With Animals

If you have a passion for caring for animals, consider turning that passion into a rewarding career. There are many different ways to get started in a. You can volunteer at local animal shelters, wildlife rehabilitation centers, or veterinary clinics, which can provide valuable hands-on experience and networking opportunities. 

Most jobs involving our furry and feathered friends involve providing care and ensuring their well-being. Depending on the job, responsibilities can vary but often include feeding, grooming, exercising, training animals, conducting research, or educating the public about animal welfare.

Educational Requirements

Educational requirements for pursuing a career with animals are dependent on your specific field of interest. Some positions require extensive education, including a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Most careers require a high school diploma or an associate degree in animal science or a related field. It is important to research the specific requirements for your desired career.

How Much You Can Make

It's important to note that salary averages vary widely in animal-focused careers depending on the specific job, level of experience, and location. Veterinarians earn a median annual wage of $129,110, while animal trainers, on the other hand, earn a median annual wage of $30,430. 

Best Fitting Personality for Working with Animals

When it comes to the personality of people who typically thrive in careers that work with animals, they often possess compassion, patience, and a genuine love for animals. Additionally, strong communication and problem-solving skills are highly valued, as you will need to interact with pet owners, colleagues, or the general public.

Should You Pursue A Career With Animals?

Despite the diversity of animal-focused careers, some common characteristics that unite people in this field is the desire to improve the lives of animals and promote their well-being. Many careers with animals require a strong sense of responsibility and a commitment to lifelong learning because the knowledge and science about these careers are constantly evolving. 

A career assessment test will help you discover which animal careers are best for you and if your work personality aligns with the frequently used characteristics required to perform these careers and jobs. 

Careers With Animals

Animal Care And Service Workers | High School Diploma | $29,760 - $44,280
Animal care and service workers work with pets and other animals, providing them with food, water, and exercise, as well as grooming and bathing them. They may also train animals to respond to human commands and assist in various tasks, such as guiding people with disabilities or participating in competitions.

Farmworkers, Farm, Ranch, and Agricultural Animal | No Degree | $36,290 - $51,550
Farmworkers, farm, ranch, and aquaculture animal workers are responsible for caring for various animals on farms, ranches, and aquaculture facilities. They take the lead in performing tasks such as feeding, watering, herding, grazing, breeding, and milking animals. They may assist in the birthing process, administer medications and vaccinations, and maintain records on the animals. They also clean and maintain animal housing areas and handle tasks related to animal products, such as shearing wool from sheep or collecting eggs in hatcheries.

Animal Trainers | High School Diploma | $41,820 - $66,850
Animal trainers teach animals skills like obedience, security, helping people with disabilities, and more. They familiarize animals with human voices and contact and train them to respond to specific commands. Animal trainers work with a range of animals, including dogs, horses, and marine mammals, and they may train them for things like competitions, shows, or specific tasks and services.

Animal Control Workers | No Degree | $43,780 - $62,050
Animal Control Workers handle animals for the purpose of investigating mistreatment or controlling abandoned, dangerous, or unattended animals. They investigate reports of animal attacks or cruelty, collect evidence, and write reports. They capture and remove stray or abused animals from undesirable conditions, providing them with food, water, and personal care.

Animal Scientists | Bachelors Degree | $85,870 - $145,780
Animal scientists work with farm animals and conduct research on genetics, animal nutrition, reproduction, growth, and development. They study the nutritional requirements of animals, develop improved practices in feeding and housing, and research ways to control parasites and diseases. Animal scientists also communicate their research findings to the scientific community, producers, and the public.

Veterinary Assistant or Laboratory Animal Caretakers | High School Diploma | $34,490 - $44,920
Veterinary assistants support veterinarians and veterinary technicians in animal clinics and hospitals. They perform tasks such as restraining animals during examinations, administering medications, and assisting with laboratory procedures. Laboratory animal caretakers are responsible for the daily care and maintenance of animals used in research and testing. They ensure the animals' well-being by providing food, water, clean living environments and monitor their health by reporting any abnormalities to the appropriate personnel.

Veterinary Technologist or Technician | Associates Degree | $40,770 - $54,680 
Veterinary technologists and technicians play a crucial role in the healthcare of animals. Under the supervision of licensed veterinarians, they perform medical tests, administer medications, and provide nursing care to animals. They also assist in surgeries, collect and analyze laboratory samples, and educate pet owners on animal care and nutrition. Their work helps in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in animals, ensuring their well-being and recovery.

Veterinarian | Doctoral or Professional Degree | $129,110 - $174,500
Veterinarians are healthcare professionals who diagnose, treat, and research diseases and injuries in animals. They provide medical care to a wide range of animals, including pets, livestock, and wildlife. Veterinarians perform examinations, prescribe medication, perform surgeries, and provide advice on general animal care to ensure the health and well-being of animals and protect public health.

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