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7 Careers Hiring Due to Government Money

by Troy Norton
The US government passed a stimulus bill, which they expect to make the economy recover faster from the pandemic. This year is on track to have one of the biggest hiring demands in history and there are 7 careers positioned to grow fast.

What does that mean for you? Some businesses that are going to benefit will be hiring faster — and these are the careers you want to be ready to pursue. Here are 7 industries, jobs, and careers we at CareerFitter are confident will grow fast in this post-COVID, stimulus economy.

Hospitality Industry

waitress working in her careerGet excited: the hospitality industry is coming back. Restaurants are opening up. So are bars, hotels, cruises, and events. The hospitality industry underwent a big “shake-up” because of the pandemic. Lots of hospitality workers were forced out of their jobs, and many of them had to look for opportunities elsewhere.
Soon, the industry will be back in full swing, and it’ll need even more jobs than before. Everyone is pent up and ready to go out. Meaning, there will soon be a huge demand for hospitality workers. Hospitality jobs range from your waiters and waitresses to managers, so there’s plenty of jobs for you at every skill level.
If you dabble in the kitchen and you’ve ever dreamed of working the line in a 5-star restaurant — then 2021 may be your best chance. Or, you can find a nice, cozy backroom office gig as a marketing or HR employee.

E-Commerce And Warehousing

warehouse worker operating a forkliftOne of the big winners from the pandemic? Amazon. People couldn’t leave their homes as much in 2020, so they had to get comfortable ordering stuff online. Many of those people now prefer buying online and won’t be going back to brick-and-mortar stores anytime soon. 
That means e-commerce companies — from Amazon all the way down to small mom-and-pop shops — will need to hire warehouse employees to process and ship orders. ...but Amazon offers all its employees a minimum of $15 hourly, plus a whole host of other benefits.
And that’s just the bottom of the pay scale: many warehouse jobs involve knowing how to operate and repair machines, and others involve managing people, meaning they pay a lot more. (Warehouse managers in the US make an average of over $80,000 per year.)

Online Freelancing

freelance career person working on beachIf you like to travel, or if you don’t like driving to work every day, then there’s good news: working online has never been easier. Businesses are more and more comfortable using the internet, and the pandemic forced them to adapt to remote work.
That’s why freelancing has been growing at incredible rates. In fact, if current trends continue, then half the US workforce will be freelancing by 2027.
Why is freelancing so attractive? You can get multiple jobs at a time, meaning you aren’t depending on just one employer. That can give you security against losing your job, as well as the freedom to spend your days as you like. There’s demand for many different types of freelance services, including:
If you can teach yourself one of these skills, plus how to sell yourself to companies that need freelancers, you can make a full-time income from home. (Or, make a little extra cash in your personal time.)

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Medical Workers

During the pandemic, the public started to view medical workers are “heroes”. Everyone loves to be a hero, right? Plus, medical workers make comfortable salaries — often in the 6 figures.
medical worker helps a patientThe good news is, you don’t need to go to medical school to work in medicine — or even to make a high salary in medicine. Many positions require only a few years of school. Nurse practitioners, for example, make almost twice as much as nurses, and only have to complete a master’s degree (which can be done online). And physician’s assistants make about $90,000 per year and often get called “doctor” by mistake.
Another reason why now’s a good time to get into medicine: the US population is getting older. That means a growing demand for medicine, as people tend to need more medical treatment at more advanced ages.
In fact, there’s a growing demand for home caretakers or people who will do “house calls” on people in poor health and help ease their pain. Many prefer home caretakers to the more traditional nursing homes because they want to stay in their homes and be around loved ones.
Nursing homes can also be seen as “demeaning”. (Plus, nursing homes were notorious for facilitating the spread of COVID, giving people another compelling reason to want to grow old in their own homes.)


construction worker buildingPart of Biden’s agenda as president is his infrastructure bill. He and Republican lawmakers are still squabbling about the exact details, but we should expect to see the federal government spend about $2 trillion in the coming years on improving bridges, roads, airports, and power lines. Here’s the rub: the government will need people to build them. Biden hopes that this bill, in addition to improving our nation’s infrastructure, will create jobs and alleviate the economic burden that many are facing.
That’s good news for anyone looking for a job. Construction jobs aren’t glamorous, but they pay well and can give anyone a ticket to solid employment. The median US construction worker makes around $37,000 a year, and this number will only climb as demand for construction workers increases.


solar panels at job siteGet ready for the solar boom. Solar used to be incredibly expensive, meaning ordinary people couldn’t afford it. But today, solar is the cheapest form of energy. And homeowners all over the world are putting up solar panels, even in places where there isn’t much sunlight.
Maybe you’ve seen a few homes in your neighborhood with brand new solar panels on the roof. Or maybe, you’ve seen solar ads, or you’ve talked to a solar salesman. Well, get ready for a lot more of that, because Bloomberg has estimated that 72 million American homes will run on solar by the year 2030. The solar boom will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs. One job you should consider looking into is solar installer — or the guy who goes up on the roof and puts in the solar panels.
You can make almost $50,000 a year, you don’t need a college degree, and companies will pay you during your training. (You just can’t be afraid of heights!)

Data Analysis

mathematician statistician looks at chart dataToday, companies are making more and more decisions based on data. Anyone who’s read or seen Moneyball saw how the Oakland A’s transformed their franchise by giving themselves a data edge, but what people don’t realize is that today, most companies are making decisions the same way Billy Beane did. This is good news for any left-brained thinkers out there. If you like math and solving problems, or if you’re shy and don’t want to spend all day talking with people, then you can command a high salary as a data analyst or statistician.
Statisticians make around $90,000 a year on average, and they work all over the economy. So if you have a passion for horses, sports, or public health, but you don’t want to get your hands dirty, consider becoming a data analyst.

More Good News

girl smiles taking career assessmentThe dark days of the pandemic are almost over, and the economy’s beginning to turn around. This is going to make life easier for ordinary Americans like you and me: finding a job will be easier, and salaries should go up. If you’re looking for a career change, consider one of the industries listed above: they’re primed to succeed in the US economy of the future.
What career is right for you? We can guide you to finding that answer.  Take the career test that suggests the best careers that fit your personality. Learn about the career test that will tell you about your strengths and show the list of your best careers.
These results also detail how to get started in your suggested careers and link you to companies that are hiring near you — so you can start exploring the career path that is going to take you to the next level this year. You don't have to settle for the job that is available, and you won’t have to undersell your talents. Plus, with jobs opening up in a variety of fields, you need to find the career that fits you best.
Keep in mind, a few things will be different post-pandemic. Things that increased in popularity during the pandemic will “stick”, like remote work and e-commerce.  Companies learned they can save a lot of money when we work from home. And the world’s changing in other ways, too: new technologies are being developed every day, and the “new” economy will need people just like you.


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