The 16 Personalities Test

Known as the 16 personalities test, this was developed by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers. This test provides you with information regarding 16 different personalities and which you closely relate. This provides more insight into who you are as a person. 

Knowing your personality type can help you not only prepare for your professional future but also who you work well with as a partner, as well as an individual person. 

The 16 Types of Personalities 

Here are the 16 different types of personalities that are broken down into four different categories that summarize four per category. 


  • Logician 
    Innovative inventors looking for more knowledge.
  • Architect
    Strategic and imaginative, they have a plan for everything.
  • Commander 
    Bold and strong-willed that always find a way of their own or make one.
  • Debater
    Smart thinkers that can never resist a challenge.


  • Advocate
    Mystical and inspiring and idealists.
  • Mediator 
    Poetic and kind, always eager to help a great cause.
  • Protagonist 
    Charismatic and inspiring and great at listening.
  • Campaigner 
    Creative and sociable, free spirit that is always providing fun.


  • Logistician 
    Practical and fact-minded and is never usually doubted.
  • Defender
    Dedicated and warm, always ready to protect their loved ones.
  • Executive
    Great at managing things and people. 
  • Consul
    Caring and social and popular. They are always eager to help.


  • Virtuoso 
    Masters of different tools, bold and practical.
  • Adventurer 
    Flexible, charming, artists that are always looking for something new to do.
  • Entrepreneur 
    Very perceptive, energetic, and smart while living on the edge.
  • Entertainer
    Enthusiastic, spontaneous, and energetic people where life is never boring.

Taking a Personality Test

It is important that you take the test with your inner, core self. This provides a more accurate understanding of your personality. Those who do not tell the truth will not get an accurate assessment report sent back to them at the end of the test. 

Additionally, you want to be comfortable. There are no right or wrong answers when you are going through the test. No one is keeping track of the answers you're giving. You cannot fail this type of test, because it is who you are. You do want to avoid answering all of the questions all the same way because this can muddle the results. 

Example 16 Personalities Test Question

Here is an example of the questions you will find on the 16 Personalities exam, though every question is different and you may receive a different one. 

You would agree or disagree, or choose an in the middle answer to go with when you are answering any of these questions on the test. 

 You make new friends easily.

 You often make a backup plan for your backup plan.

 Seeing other people cry can easily make you want to cry too.

 You usually stay calm, even under a lot of pressure.