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Desires or Interest Tests | aka Motivational Tests, are designed to help you identify careers or jobs that might appeal to you. Think of this as more of a thought-organizing tool than a career test.

In these assessments, you might be asked to select the job task you find more interesting (pet sitting or accounting, for example). You might be shown pictures of different career objects or career professionals and then asked to choose the one you like best.

Example Question: Select the career picture you like best.

man and woman construction worker

man and woman scuba diver careers

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Appropriate Test Taker

These assessments are a starting place to generate ideas about which careers might interest you so that you can do some further research and exploration. They will not tell you, however, if these jobs are a good fit for you, nor help you differentiate why these jobs appeal to you.

Did you choose the picture of the diver because your father is was a professional diver?  Yet, you may not have the desire to be a diver. Or, perhaps you chose the diver because you want to be like your father. 

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This assessment may help you organize your thoughts and desires. They are often free.


weakness of career test


There is no connection between the career picture you choose and your personality strength.
There is no scientific standard for this type of test. They are often created by websites with no qualifications or research basis.


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Most school and college career counseling offices offer several such assessments to students who are in the career planning stage, and there are numerous unverified versions online. They are best used with a trained career counselor who can help you analyze your results and determine which of the highlighted interests you may want to explore further

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Desires or Interest Tests | aka Motivational vs. The Career Test by CareerFitter

While the Desires or Interest Tests are helpful to observe careers or tasks that interest you or that you respond to positively, Careerfitter shows you insight into your work personality. Careerfitter uses this information to generate a list of careers in the career test full report that would fit your work personality, as opposed to jobs that just sound appealing to you for various reasons.