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May 16th, 2024

As a young person in his 20’s, I have been struggling with determining my career path. I have asked myself, “Am I on the right track in my current job?” After taking Career Fitter’s assessment, I was excited to learn that I am on the right track. Not only did Career Fitter accurately reflect my intrinsic personality types, but it also matched my personality to specific jobs I would be a good fit for. This was the boost of encouragement I needed, as it showed my current role aligns with my personality. It also provided me detailed information of each of my personality traits and strengths. Overall, I am very pleased with this service and would recommend it to anyone.
Charlie A | Graduate Student at Appalachian State University


March 14th, 2024

This one was the best because it talks about my strengths in personality on the job and I can choose things I dont want in a career.  I did the free test then the paid version. You get another free test in the paid version that shows if there are things you dont' want to do. Like I am not interested in working with big equipment or physical thypes of work. Also each of my careers takes me way more information about it and most have a video too. I like the ability to search for the jobs too because Im looking for a direction right now.
Amanda Polson


March 5th, 2024

This career assessment was really helpful! Thank you.

SS Yark | College Student


January 7th, 2024

This is the best career test I have taken! It is so thorough. After I finished it I felt like I had a much better idea of what I pursue!

Megan Barrett | High School Student


November 24th, 2023 

The best career test! Finally there is an assessment that shows a score of my strengths for almost every career.  Well, done Career fitter. The way to get everything is the free test and you do get information about your personality and careers salary matching. the free view is mostly strengths lists and the salary you can make and then you can decide if you want the full package with not only your list of careers but why.  I see the pros and cons of every career for you with a fit score.
Donna Tucker


November 13th, 2023 

This is a great career tool. The sample page shows $19.95 for the paid version and the free test gave me a 1 page mostly to confirm it is who I am, listed some of my strengths, how much money some of my matching careers make, and other information about me if I pay to use the other tools. It said access for a year and moneyback guarantee. My careers that matched me are in a list that has other things I can screenout like only high demand careers. It is more than just my assessment it connects it to other career tools like research and job searching. It was insightful about me and super useful with other features for my career research but I would like it if they let me print my report and they should add the ability to search jobs that will be needed still during a recession. 
Derek Ingles | Career Seeker

Derek, we appreciate your feedback.  We will be adding the print feature soon.  I will discuss with the team your request for a more detailed recession resistant career search feature.  Thank you!
George Martin | CareerFitter Customer Service


September 20th, 2023 

My school recommends these career tests to us. You dont have to take the free test to get the full report but I did it to make sure it sounded like me first and it definitely was me because I prefer to work independently and my friends tell me im the peace maker. The full version is way more information and easy to see the career details too. It's for sure worth it.
Donna London | Student


September 15th, 2023 

I did the free version first and it described me quite accurate. So, my son took it and his free results were very different from mine so that was good and we got the full results for him.  Although I think the free test was insightful enough for me his full version really has a lot of career stuff he needs like other tests, charts, his list of good careers, and a job search built in. My son loves the videos about the careers. Over all I do recommend it.

Cindy Knull


August 28th, 2023 

I have shared the CareerFitter test with about 30 people and all but one agree that it described them remarkably accurately. I loved my unusual, hybrid career and they both showed up in the recommendations when I took the test. The results have been helpful in explaining why some folks are unhappy in their current careers, but more useful in helping them get excited about a more challenging, different career.

Elder Peterson | Career Counselor for Young Adults

Thank you, Elder. The only factor that we can not control is a person's ability to accurately answer questions about themself. So, there are many features within the design of the assessment to guide a person's answers to greater accuracy and assure it is the most accurate career test.  Ultimately, if a user does fall short of accuracy, CareerFitter has always offered a money-back guarantee if after the free test they choose to purchase the Premium results for $19.95.  Also, you can take the free career test as many times as you would like to first confirm your results.
George Martin | CareerFitter Customer Service


August 11th, 2023 

I definitely would recommend it. I have taken many tests, each with random questions which I knew were just introvert/extrovert questions. CareerFitter really got my personality right and then even filtered out a few career paths based on my work environment preferences. Definitely would recommend.
Micky Tran | College Student


Micky, thank you for taking the time to review CareerFitter. You are correct. The first one evaluates eight areas of your work personality characteristics and the other career test, A3, is what focussed on your environment preferences.  The A3 is a hybrid assessment that helped you evaluate your aptitudes and aversions. CareerFitter's career tests were designed to work together to help you find the best career. We wish you the greatest success, Micky!
George Martin | CareerFitter Customer Service


August 9th, 2023 

Super accurate! Your career test nailed it for me. What's amazing is when I was a little kid I always thought it would be cool to be a nurse and I never told anyone and that is one of my primary careers!! Complete confirmation. Thank u.
Emily | College Student


August 6th, 2023 
My brother took it and his results were very different from me and exactly explained him.  So, I took the free version 2 times being a bit suspicious and my results were different than his and exactly like me both times. I bought the premium report version and it's a lot of information!  One thing is I am not sure how to show the carreers that I only want to see.  
Sara Kerby | New Career Seeker

Sara, thank you for your review!  I'll be happy to help you. We have great features that narrow your list of suggested careers even more.  After you complete the career assessment, complete the Aptitude Aversion Assessment.  This can only be found inside your Premium dashboard. The Career Exploration section defaults to the careers that fit you based on your work personality assessment.  In this section, turn the A3 filter ON and add your other preferences like salary minimum, education, etc. Save your favorite careers by clicking the heart.  Let me know if there is anything else we can help you with.  We wish you the best of career success!!
George Martin | CareerFitter Customer Service


July 29, 2023 

Awesome find. Really accurate about who I am. Insightful about my personality strengths too. I am exploring my list of careers and love that all the research is connected. It even incorporates an aptitude test. When I find a career that I think fits me I like to click on the jobs search to see real companies that are hiring.
Todd | New Career Seeker


July 24, 2023 
I think his one was the best because It connected my careers with videos and my personality strengths were very encouraging.  Also, being able to screen out the things in a job I didn't want was a nice feature.  The only problem was I couldn't get into my dashboard for some reason but customer service guy was really nice and helped me.  So only 4 stars because of that. :) But - thank you CareerFitter!
Shawna Watts | Student

Shawna, sorry again for that little tech issue. But I'm glad we could resolve it quickly for you.  Thank you for the nice review. Good luck to you in your future career! 
George Martin | CareerFitter Customer Service


July 23, 2023 

CareerFitter is like a personal career counselor that knows you incredibly well. It understood my character strengths at work and suggested careers that were a great match. I'm now confident and excited about my professional future.
Todd Hamilton | Student


4-5star The assessment was fairly quick more like 25 minutes for me. Now, the report I got was a little confusing at first. There was more there than I expected, but once I dug it explains it. It did pinpointed my careers. Some i would never have considered, but do match my interests and skills. Worth it. The results must be new because it’s more than what the sample report showed.
Malcolm Williams

"We LOVE incorporating CareerFitter testing into our Jog Readiness Program curriculum! The reports are so inciteful, informational and fun to review as we explore employment options with our program participants. They help us identify key personality components and narrow down career choices. CareerFitter has been a valuable tool that has enriched our program offerings. "   
Kendra, Program Director 
"... I have taken various free career assessments online ending in frustration because of ambiguous results. I appreciated the detailed results and insights of the CareerFitter assessment. It was a fair price point for the results as compared to some of the more expensive assessments out there.  I would definitely recommend this to friends and family."   
Laura Nelson | College Student
"I have been using CareerFitter's career test for over 10 years as a Career Optician.  It's an excellent product I have highly recommended over the years." 
Deborah Brown-Volkman, PCC | Surpass Your Dreams | Career Coach
"Our top pick for best career test." 
Resume Spice
"It's one of our favorite career testing tools.  Our organizations has been using CareerFitter since 2007." 
Rohei International | Corporate Career Consultant
"I've been using CareerFitter for around 10 years.  CareerFitter is a short and easy to use assessment tool for talent acquisition or for students. For students, it's helpful for them to learn of potential career paths. For employee candidates, it helps us to understand if they are a fit for the job that they are applying for. It quickly and easily communicates their organization skills, flexibility and relational skills."
Mike E. Hill | Managing Director | Team Trenton
"I have been recommending CareerFitter to my clients for over 9 years because it's a valuable career tool based on research. " 
Dr. Norton, PsyD | Clinical Psychologist

“... provided a nice detailed approach to my personality from a career perspective. It's like a personality test geared toward your career.  The job form section was pretty extensive and provided many details on various job postings and how to take steps to excel in that field with actual job-related postings.  
Famous people like me were pretty interesting to see.”  - Lenny G. | Customer

“...I've set up the tests and got going yesterday with one of my students... It went very smoothly.  Really appreciate your effort, the detailed report is excellent.”  - UniGate | University Services

Sample of the Premium Career Test Report