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A few recent reviews we have received over the last 20+ years.

"... I have taken various free career assessments online ending in frustration because of ambiguous results. I appreciated the detailed results and insights of the CareerFitter assessment. It was a fair price point for the results as compared to some of the more expensive assessments out there.  I would definitely recommend this to friends and family."   
Laura Nelson | College Student
"I have been using CareerFitter's career test for over 10 years as a Career Optician.  It's an excellent product I have highly recommended over the years." 
Deborah Brown-Volkman, PCC | Surpass Your Dreams | Career Coach
"Our top pick for best career test." 
Resume Spice
"It's one of our favorite career testing tools.  Our organizations has been using CareerFitter since 2007." 
Rohei International | Corporate Career Consultant
"I've been using CareerFitter for around 10 years.  CareerFitter is a short and easy to use assessment tool for talent acquisition or for students. For students, it's helpful for them to learn of potential career paths. For employee candidates, it helps us to understand if they are a fit for the job that they are applying for. It quickly and easily communicates their organization skills, flexibility and relational skills."
Mike E. Hill | Managing Director | Team Trenton
"I have been recommending CareerFitter to my clients for over 9 years because it's a valuable career tool based on research. " 
Dr. Norton, PsyD | Clinical Psychologist

“... provided a nice detailed approach to my personality from a career perspective. It's like a personality test geared toward your career.  The job form section was pretty extensive and provided many details on various job postings and how to take steps to excel in that field with actual job-related postings.  
Famous people like me were pretty interesting to see.”  - Lenny G. | Customer


“...I've set up the tests and got going yesterday with one of my students... It went very smoothly.  Really appreciate your effort, the detailed report is excellent.”  - UniGate | University Services

We value our  corporate clients, universities, and human resource departments.


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