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The work personality test is a true career test. This test specifically focuses on careers that fit you best and your personality in the workplace.

a person has two personalities when working and not working

Your work personality differs from your personality in other settings (with family, with friends, on vacation, etc.), which can be lost in more generalized personality assessments. This specialized assessment creates important insight not only into which careers would fit you best, but also which work environments would be best for your work personality strengths, styles, and potential weaknesses.

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Some of the personality traits that are assessed:

Do you work better in a team or independently?

Are your more suited to managing others?

What is your management style?

What communication styles do you prefer?

Do you perform best with a lot of structure or a great deal of flexibility?


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Multiple Choice
This type of career test should be a minimum of 60 questions to help assure superfluity and accuracy. Even if the examinee answers a question not in accordance with who they are in a work environment, the other questions will determine the dominant personality traits.

appropriate test taker

Appropriate Test Taker

A person seeking to evaluate the jobs and careers that would fit them best. One who is seeking to better understand their work personality strengths and weaknesses.

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A true career test that generates your list of careers and details your personality in the workplace. Scientific and social science-based. Used by Universities, Colleges and Career Resource Professionals around the world.

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As with all tests, the level of accuracy is dependent on the user’s ability to correctly assess the answers that are true to their experience.

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CareerFitter – a career test assessing the 8 pillars of a persons work personality

Time to complete: 10 to 15 min 
Results: Online Detailed Assessment Report  
Development: Psychologists | scientific and social science research
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