Myers-Briggs Test

The Myers-Briggs Test is known as one of the most popular personality tests that you can take to find out more about how someone perceives the world and how they go about making decisions. It is an introspective self-assessment that shows the psychological preferences of the person.
myers-briggs MTBI personality types keyThe test works by assigning four categories: sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, introversion or extraversion, and judging or perceiving. Then, one letter from each of these categories is chosen to produce a four-letter acronym result. 
It has been argued that the Myers-Briggs Test has poor validity and reliability. This depends on who is administering the test and what the results are going to be used for. 

Why Take a Myers-Briggs Test?

This questionnaire was originally designed to understand the different psychology types of individuals. This information can be useful in our everyday lives. This helps to get an idea of the differences between people based on the findings of the test. These differences are often the source of miscommunication and misunderstanding. 
This test can also be useful to find out individual strengths in a person that help an employer decide where the individual's skills might be best used in the company. When the individual has more knowledge about their personality and has more self-awareness, they're better able to discover the best careers, places, and people that match their personality the best. 

Example Myers-Briggs Test Questions

This is an example of a question you'd likely find on a Myers-Briggs assessment. 
Which of the following statements best describes you:
 I prefer smaller gatherings
I am the life of the party 
 I think of the future 
 I stay in the present 
 I make well-thought-out, calculated decisions
 I make decisions by what feels right 

Benefits of a Myers-Briggs Test

There are benefits to taking the Myers-Briggs test both for the individual taking the test and any employers who request their employees take it.
  • Choose a career or education path that is best suited for you
  • Cultivate a targeted career or education development plan
  • Improve your overall communication skills 
  • Create and maintain more cohesive relationships 
  • Avoid and resolve conflicts that might come up
  • Increase your overall emotional intelligence 
  • Promote your unique strengths 
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses better
  • Become more self-aware
  • Create your own personal development plan for life overall 
By taking this test, you're understanding more about yourself. You're understanding how you communicate, how you react, how you work. It is a test that is able to tell you more about how you get along with those around you and how you thrive in the world. 
myers briggs personality typesThe Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a well-respected and commonly used personality assessment that is given throughout the world. It is backed by research found by psychologist Carl Jung. It is easy to understand, providing people with a way to understand more on the way we view ourselves and interact with others. 
This set of ideas helps people build stronger relationships both at home and in the workplace. It helps us learn more about ourselves but also about the people we will encounter on a daily basis. When we understand our own personality type, we are better able to embark on the right journeys of self-development and awareness. This helps to foster better self-acceptance all around and the acceptance of those around us, as well. 
It is important to reach out to the right place to take this type of assessment. It should be given in the right professional setting through the right tool. This way, you get the most accurate results from the test.
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