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A Premium Feature
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A Premium Feature

The Aptitude Aversion Assessment is a separate test integrated after CareerFitter's Career Test to further refine your best career choices.

Jane took a work personality test
girl smiling at career assessment
Her results said she should be a Surgeon
The only problem is Jane faints at the sigh of blood
girl upset about career test results
Most career tests do not assess your aptitude and natural aversions.
CareerFitter's hybrid work personality career test combines the power of an Aptitude Aversion Assessment.
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The Premium Report dashboard provides the Aptitude Aversion Assessment, further refining your list of perfect careers and jobs.
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Why do students need to take this career test?

chart of college graduates working in their degree
62% of college graduates
are not working in the field of their degree after college.
Average cost of college: $192,000

  • Knowing your career personality helps you pursue a degree and career that will fulfill you.
  • Increase your chance of success.
  • Understanding the careers that fit your work personality can prevent years of wasted education, unnecessary education debt, and time lost in jobs that don’t make you happy.

Why is CareerFitter
the best career test?

Other “career tests” may be uncertified with unknown origins.
CareerFitter has provided career guidance to millions of people around the world for over 20 years.
CareerFitter was designed by leading psychologists to uncover the characteristic strengths of your personality in a work environment.
Our questions and answers have evolving algorithm guidance to help ensure accuracy.
CareerFitter offers a satisfaction guarantee.
Learn more about other types of tests often
called career tests and how they differ.
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