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 A3 Assessment

 A3 video

After completing the work personality assessment, your next step should be completing the A3.

The A3 is an aptitude and aversion assessment tool to discern your ideal work environment.
Watch the circle charts to see your answers shaping the results.

aptitude aversion assessment donut chart example

  • The orange section in the left chart represents the number of careers recommended by your personality assessment that are now impacted by your A3 results.
  • The green and yellow sections represent the remaining Primary and Secondary careers that fit you.
  • The orange section in the right chart represents the total number of careers impacted by your A3 answers.

Activate the A3 filter in the Explore Careers section to exclude careers affected by your A3 assessment.

 Work Personality FingerPrint

Your Work Personality Fingerprint is a visual representation of your work personality that is unique to you.

 Fingerprint Video

  • Longer extensions represent your stronger characteristics.
  • Hover over each section within your dashboard to learn more about that characteristic.

*Share your Fingerprint on Linkedin and social media to highlight and compare your work personality strengths with your friends and colleagues.

 LinkedIn step-by-step video guide

 Where are my Careers?

After completing the A3, go to the Explore Your Careers section.  Here, you will find your list of careers based on the combined results of both career assessments.

The default view, "BEST FITTING CAREERS," displays your career results.
best fitting careers filter

Selecting "ALL CAREERS" shows careers that are not your career results. You can apply filters to both groups ALL CAREERS and BEST FITTING CAREERS
The number of Total Filtered Careers will decrease as you add filters. Adding more filters reduces the number of careers displayed.


Add additional filters to narrow your career results to your requirements.

  • Only My Favorites - Adds a filter to only show careers you saved as favorites.  If you select this filter and see no careers, it's because you have no favorites within the group of careers you selected above.  To see all of your favorites, select the filters "Show All Careers" and "Only My Favorites."
  • Only Work From Home Careers - Adds a filter to your existing filters to only show careers that have work-from-home options.  If you select this filter and see no careers, it's because there are no work-from-home careers within the group of careers you have filtered. Reduce the number of filters you have selected.  
  • Education - This reduces the displayed careers to those with the specific education you have selected.
  • Growth - This filter reduces the displayed careers to those with the projected growth you have selected.
  • Salary Aversage -This filter reduces the displayed careers to those with the salary amount you've specified or higher. It also displays careers with no specified salaries.
  • Search Career Name - This allows you to search for a specific career name, but it is restricted by the filters you have already selected. 
    To search for a career within the entire CareerFitter database, press the "Reset Filter" button and select "All Careers."
    • Within the search field  begin to type the name of the career. The filter works automatically; do NOT press enter on your keyboard or you will clear your search.

What is a FIT Score?

  • The Career FIT Scores are found within career research reports.
  • FIT Scores are only calculated for Premium Users who completed the CareerFittter work personality assessment and the A3 assessment.
  • FIT Scores are numerical estimations that are quantified based on the number of your characteristic strengths found in a career. 
  • A higher FIT score number indicates a career will likely utilize more of their natural strengths, enhancing their ability to make a more informed career choice.
  • FIT Score algorithms consider the number of most common characteristics of a career, a user's personality strengths, a user's aptitudes, and a user's aversions.
  • Careers with no FIT Score do not have enough data about the career's most common characteristics to calculate a FIT Score. This could be a general career like "Nurse". Select a sub-career of Nurse, "Nurse Anesthetists", to see the FIT Score.



Why can't I see my Premium results?

  • Your results are likely safe.  Try resetting your password first.
  • If you purchased via PayPal, there may be a 1 minute delay as PayPal sends the purchase confirmation.  Try refreshing your screen. Be assured we will correct this issue to your satisfaction.  If refreshing did not work, contact our very helpful customer service team.

Can I change my answers?

  • No. The CareerFitter work personality assessment does not allow you to change your answers after you have completed it.
  • Try logging out of your dashboard and retaking the free career test. Compare your free summary to your Premium Report details to learn if retaking it would change your results. 
  • Note: You can not purchase 2 Premium Reports using the same email.  Use a different email or contact customer service to deactivate your other account.

Can I change my A3 answers?

  • Yes.  Your aptitudes and aversions may evolve and change over time.  CareerFitter allows you to update your A3.
  • Note: Careers and Jobs are evolving. We update the A3 and add new questions for you several times yearly.  When new A3 questions are added, your dashboard will notify you that you have unanswered questions.  Answering these questions will help narrow your best career options and may even guide you in a new career direction.

Primary and Secondary Careers

  • Secondary careers are not secondary in importance or suitability but simply represent more specialized pathways within the broader primary career. They could offer an individual more specific guidance on potential career paths that could be a good fit for them.
  • A "primary career" is a broad occupational field that has been determined to be a strong match for an individual based on the alignment of their work personality, interests, and preferred work environment.
    • For example, someone who is highly social and empathetic enjoys an environment that helps others, and prefers a dynamic work environment might be matched with a primary career like "Social Worker."
  • A "secondary career," on the other hand, is a more specialized or specific role within the primary career that also aligns well with the individual's unique profile but perhaps requires a specific focus or additional education, training, or specific skill sets. These secondary careers may also cater to more nuanced aspects of an individual's personality or work environment preferences.
    • Continuing with the previous example, secondary careers might include roles like "Child Welfare Social Worker" or "Clinical Social Worker," each having more specific contexts and requirements but still falling within the overall field of social work.

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