The Winslow Personality Profile Test

What is known as the Winslow Personality Test is a test or assessment that is used to measure the behaviors, personalities, and attitudes of applicants or employees of a company. The test is intricate. It is able to measure 24 different personality traits. These are all found within the 48 dimensions of a person's personality. This test is helpful to assess traits relevant to success in every professional position a person can take on as their career. 

Details about the Winslow Personality Test

This test is used to measure 24 personality traits within 48 dimensions of a person's personality, as mentioned above. The traits that are measured in the test include:

  • Interpersonal traits such as trust, sociability, conscientiousness, nurturance, and recognition. 

  • Organizational traits such as alertness, flexibility, responsibility, creativity, structure, and order. 

  • Traits of self-control such as confidence, composure, autonomy, control, mental toughness, and contentment. 

  • Dedication traits such as ambition, boldness, assertiveness, endurance, and leadership.

Winslow Reports

These reports are put together once an applicant takes the test for an organization. They provide insight on how the employee will work within a specific organization based on the different traits they possess. 

The reports provide insight into whether the employee is cooperative and dedicated to the work they do. They might also hold a sales personality which can be helpful to numerous employers.

There are four different Winslow Reports that can be printed out:

  • Executive Report: Personality Profile with 24trait scores and Position Compatibility Form.

  • Participant's Report: Employees copy for self-knowledge and improvement. 

  • Manager's Report: Immediate manager's copy of each employee's scores and results.

  • Sample Winslow Reports: Examples of the final reports.

Each report is around 50 pages long with in-depth information that is organized into four different sections that include:

  • Personality Profiles - Graphics that illustrate the traits the test measured.

  • Personality Traits - Describes traits specific to the person taking the test. It is a specific description of your personality, attitudes, and behavior objectively.

  • Personal Development - A look at the "whole" person who took the test. It can provide more information on how to make the most of your future using the different traits the test found.

  • Influential Traits - These describe the potential areas of concern and assets that you have working for you. These are the traits that will have the most effect on your success. 

What Can These Tests Be Used for?

These tests are often used in many different settings, for different reasons. 

  • Promotions

  • Performance 

  • Screening Applicants

  • Placement or Selection of Personnel

  • Reorganization 

  • Organizational Development 

Taking them for personal, not professional, reasons can also be a reason to take the test and be better overall with your work performance and more. 

Examples of Questions from the Winslow Personality Profile

The questions found on the Winslow Personality Profile vary, but you might find some that look close to the below examples.

Your manager asked you to complete a task you thought was impossible at first, how would you go about it?

Tell me about a time you missed or even almost missed a deadline... What did you do?

Do you prefer to work in a team or more so on your own?