Affiliate Agreement

Updated 1-27-23

1. Defined Parties
This agreement is between CareerFitter, LLC. (referred to as CareerFitter, CareerFitter, LLC, or, and AFFILIATE, a person or business wishing to promote and market or services offered at, or subdomain of, on Affiliate’s Website via a link, provided by and owned by CareerFitter, LLC, for compensation to Affiliate for marketing purposes.

2. Affiliate may establish a link to website (“ Web Site”).

3. CareerFitter, LLC may provide Affiliate with access to a dashboard or website that contains information specific to Affiliate and CareerFitter, LLC customer information.

4. Licenses & Copyright.
The parties agree that the Product Information, the Intellectual Property, Career Tests, Career Reports, User Information, User Names, User Emails, Online Affiliate Area, shall remain at all times the property of CareerFitter, LLC. The parties hereby acknowledge that any rights of Affiliate pursuant to this Agreement are limited and NOTHING in this Agreement shall be construed as granting any right, title, or interest in CareerFitter, LLC property or intellectual property.

5. Modification.
CareerFitter, LLC reserves the right to change the price of the products offered and powered by and other aspects of the Website, including upgrading these terms and conditions, by notifying Affiliate and posting a change notice or a new agreement on or subdomain of

6. Relationship.
The Affiliate agrees nothing in this Agreement will create any partnership, joint venture, agency, or employment relationship between Affiliate and CareerFitter, LLC.

7. Limitation Of Liability.
Each party disclaims all and any liability for any matters that relate in any way to the other party’s website. Affiliate holds harmless CareerFitter, LLC, employees, contractors, officers, owners, and associates of any legal action associated with CareerFitter.  CareerFitter, LLC shall not be liable for any damages incurred by Affiliate or arising as a result of becoming an affiliate of CareerFitter or upon any information on or anything in relation to the operation of the, CareerFitter LLC’s Web Sites, career tests, career assessments, functions, online or offline material, lawsuits, or anything else in relation to product information, or any information involving CareerFitter.

8. Compensation for Marketing
The affiliate may be compensated by CareerFitter, LLC for marketing or promoting  Affiliate marketing compensation terms of the timeline of payment or amount of payment will be determined by CareerFitter, LLC. and communicated to Affiliate via webpage or email.  CareerFitter, LLC has the right to change compensation terms with no notice.  CareerFitter, LLC may at the discretion of CareerFitter, LLC, withhold compensation for any of the following reasons:  user refund policy, misrepresentations by Affiliate, misrepresentation of CareerFitter products, misrepresentation of information, illegal activity, black hat SEO, content change, ownership change, email marketing, spam marketing, or suspicion of any Affiliate activity.

9. Termination
CareerFitter, LLC reserves the right to deny and cancel Affiliation for any reason.  CareerFitter, LLC reserves the right to withhold or cancel anything affecting or not affecting the Affiliate including but not limited to the following:   Affiliate Agreements, Compensation, Affiliate Login Information, Webpages, Affiliate ID, Affiliate URL, Affiliate Link, any and all properties owned by or controlled by CareerFitter, LLC.

10. Affiliate Conduct and Representation
Affiliate agrees to maintain a website that has a Domain Name owned by Affiliate.  Affiliate’s website must not be a sub-domain of a domain not owned by Affiliate.

Affiliate must be a real person, or business operated by real persons, with proof of legitimate, government-accepted Identification.  Affiliate will not represent themself with deceptive or false information, including but not limited to deceptive, false, or stolen: identity, name, mailing address, email address, PayPal account, PayPal email, business, or business name.

Any conduct of Affiliate or misrepresentation of information by Affiliate, considered not acceptable by CareerFitter, LLC, may at the discretion of CareerFitter, LLC, terminate the Affiliate relationship, rights, and any compensation owed to Affiliate.

11. Governing Law.
This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of North Carolina, USA.

12. Miscellaneous
Affiliate also agrees to the User Agreement and Privacy Policy

This Agreement, User Agreement, and Privacy Policy contain the complete terms and conditions that apply to this agreement.

If at any time a conflict of information exists between this Affiliate Agreement, User Agreement, or Privacy Policy, the overruling agreement, clarification, and/or interpretation will be defined by CareerFitter, LLC or Legal Representative of CareerFitter, LLC.