PCAAP Step 2 | Please enter the password sent to you.


PCAAP | Step 2

Verify your organization

A. Make sure your organization's website is has a secure SSL. (HTTPS) not (HTTP)


B. Add a Partnership Mention within a webpage of your websites.

Suggested locations:  homepage, resources page, partnership page, etc. 
(example: https://www.ABC-UNIVERSITY.com/resources)


  • Your Partnership Message and links to CareerFitter verify your organization and must remain on your website.
  • Subdomains are NOT acceptable. subdomain example:  https://abc-coaching.wordpress.org
  • You can NOT include a CareerFitter publisher link (purchase tracking)

Example Partnership Messages with Proper Links

Coach example:

ABC Coaching is happy to partner with CareerFitter as a trusted resource for career assessment tests.
Learn more about their career test.
Also, contact ABC Coaching to receive a CareerFitter career assessment test that includes your Premium Career Report and Career Resource Dashboard.

School example:

ABC University is proud to partner with CareerFitter  to provide career tests and career assessments  for qualifying students. 
Learn more about their career test.  Contact the career guidance department for more information.


Step 3 | Complete the following form.

Within 48 hours or sooner, we will add an Access Code inside your affiliate dashboard that allows you to send Premium Career Assessments to your students/clients.  These Premium Reports are at NO cost to you or your students/clients.

Common Questions:

How do I view my students/clients career test results?
You will find the answers to this question and many more in the Career Coach FAQ 

Can I receive more career tests next year?
Yes. If you meet the requirements next year, let us know.

Can I also bulk purchase more career tests?
Yes. You can also bulk purchase inside your affiliate dashboard.

Contact us if your organization operates in a related “career assistance” field and would like to be considered for this program.

We look forward to supporting your success.  Please contact us with questions.

Thank you.

George Martin
Head of Customer Services