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Career Test by Career Fitter
Analyze your personality in the work place. This Career Test gives you insight into what career you should pursue and how you operate best at work. See a sample of the career test here.

Career Research and Career Information
Research Reports on Hundreds of Careers. Insight into how to get started, how much you can make, what to expect everyday out of the job and more. is committed to a career test that is designed by professionals to help an individual determine which personality profile they fit. Our test has been used by thousands of companies and millions of individuals around the world. Updates to our career research is continually pursued.

What is a Career Test?
There are many types of assessments and career tests that all seem to be put under the same title of "Career Tests".

Here are the differences:

Careerfitter Career Personality Test: Is specifically designed to determine a persons work personality. We instantly process your results to determine which personality profile you fit. From this data we are able to determine which jobs you will be most satisfied with and likely succeed in. We are also able to determine a wide spectrum of your personality traits at work including strengths, weaknesses, styles, optimal environments, and other in depth characteristics of you at work.

Other types of "Career Tests" are general personality tests, motivational tests, skills tests, and desire organizational tests.

General Personality Tests: With the exception of CareerFitter - most of the other online career tests are this type. These types of "career tests" do not focus specifically on your personality at work. They generalize your personality at both work and play. We consider these tests to be very ineffective when trying to determine a persons optimal career choices.

Motivational Tests: These types of tests loosely try to help a person determine how they feel about different things. These test are not particularly insightful in helping you determine your personality... only helping you understand what you are feeling. They can be useful - but they are not going to help you determine anything enlightening about your career.

Skills Tests: These test your knowledge about a specific career you are pursuing. This helps the employer determine your current skill level in that field. The questions in these tests are analytical and require a correct answer.

Desire Organizational Tests: These tests are very similar to Motivational Tests. They help you determine what you already desire to do and then organize that information in a report for you.

Designed by leading Psychologists & experts. Recommended by professionals, executives, and the very successful.
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