Prepared for: John Q. Sample

Assessment Code:  23-45-87-14

John Q. Sample you are a Developer

Congratulations for taking the time to discover your C-FAR, John! Your report has been prepared to specifically fit the "right" career with your personality. A quick description of you as a Developer shows:

John, as a Developer, you are calm, confident, and analytical. Your drive to create order and structure from abstract theory is natural. The ability you have to absorb extremely complex material makes you invaluable to anyone needing to create or improve a strategy or system. You trust your insights and intuition implicitly, and you value your opinion over all others. You have an extremely high level of concentration, and are good at using your future oriented thinking to see the implications and benefits of implementing your ideas. You are a "big picture" person that almost always prefers to work alone. You have natural leadership ability, but you don't mind following someone that has your respect. You are a well spring of creative ideas, and you are probably most energized when you are acquiring knowledge and learning to master new skills.

In general terms, you are:
Skeptical Independent Original Logical Non-Conforming Rational Analytical Objective Aloof Ingenious Inventive Resourceful Complex

John's CFAR Personality Chart

John's Best Career Choices
  • Computer programmer
  • Computer software designer
  • Data base manager
  • New market or product conceptualizer
  • Research and development specialist
  • Strategic planner
  • Systems analyst
  • Biomedical engineer
  • Cardiologist
  • Neurologist
  • Pharmacologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychologist
  • Attorney
  • Business analyst
  • Economist
  • Engineer
  • Financial analyst
  • Investment analyst
  • Judge
  • Management consultant
  • Manager
  • News analyst
  • News writer
  • Academic curriculum designer
  • College faculty administrator
  • College professor
  • Historian
  • Mathematician
  • Researcher
Other jobs include, but not limited to:
  • Architect
  • Artist
  • Editorial writer
  • Inventor
  • Photographer
  • Writer
John's Occupational Factors
If you are interested in an occupation that is not listed above, try to accurately prioritize the following profile criteria. If you prioritize the below list, it will be easier to identify the most important occupational factors to you:

John, as a Developer, you will likely find career satisfaction doing work that :

  1. Allows you to create and develop innovative solutions to problems while improving existing systems.
  2. Lets you work in a logical manner to implement your good ideas, and rewards you when you persevere.
  3. Deals with other industrious people that have knowledge and intellect you respect.
  4. Gives you credit for your imaginative ideas, and lets you keep control and ownership over how they are carried out.
  5. Exposes you to interaction with a small group of other intellectual people, and is free of interpersonal differences.
  6. Allows you to work independently, and provides you with a steady stream of new information and opportunities to increase your skills.
  7. Permits you to produce a product that complies with your high standards, and not the subjective whims of others.
  8. Avoids repetition and detail-oriented demands.
  9. Allows you to freely modify or transform people and systems, while giving you a high degree of autonomy and control.
  10. Evaluates your performance based on clearly defined criteria, and compensates you fairly for your contributions.

John's Four Primary Characteristics
  1. In the workplace, you are reserved & introspective and most likely:
    • Think about what you are going to say before you say it, and wish that others would do the same. You may tell others that you "need time to think about their proposal".
    • Have a high level of concentration, require quiet time for yourself, and do not appreciate having this time invaded by others.
    • Are willing to listen to others, but get annoyed when you are not given the same courtesy.
    • Are sometimes perceived by others as shy or aloof; and although you may not agree, others may see you as distant and reflective.
    • Get agitated when others say what you were going to say or interrupt you, and you wish you were more commanding in those situations.
    • Need alone time to be refreshed, after having to socialize, talk, or meet with others. The more intense the interaction, the more likely you will need refreshing.
    • Mean what you say and say what you mean, and you get wary if people are too flattering or aggravated if someone repeats what has already been said.
  2. You are idealistic & theoretical and most likely:
    • Find that repetitive detail-oriented tasks are a fast track to boredom.
    • Receive satisfaction by figuring out how things work just for the sake of curiosity.
    • Get more energized by future possibilities, than what is going on in the here and now.
    • Don't consider yourself tardy for a meeting or gathering unless it has already started.
    • Juggle and think about many things at once.
    • Find that you are interested in understanding how things are related and interconnected. You see few things as self-evident, always ready to pose the question, "What does that mean"?
    • Are inclined to give broad answers to questions, and non-specific instructions to tasks you want carried out. In your mind, you may think everyone is intuitive enough to understand what is expected. However, when they don't, you can become agitated.
  3. You are objective & analytical and most likely:
    • Don't get overwhelmed when having to make difficult decisions.
    • Are able to work with others regardless of your personal differences.
    • Find information credible if there is logical and relevant evidence to back it up.
    • Are more unyielding than softhearted when discussing a matter you do not agree with.
    • Can take either side of a misunderstanding and give a convincing argument. (Just another chance to use your thinking).
    • Are more concerned with being just and straightforward when you have a difference of opinion, than spending effort on making people happy.
    • Find it possible to remain impartial and composed in scenarios when others get emotional. Even though others often mistakenly view this as insensitive and callous.
  4. You are structured & decisive and most likely:
    • Have a place for everything and are not satisfied until everything is where it belongs. You have a special system for keeping things on your desk, on your walls, and in your files
    • Are "SURE" that the world would be a better place if everyone would simply do what they're supposed to do, when they're supposed to do it.
    • Have your days scheduled and planned out before they start, and can get unnerved when things don't go as planned.
    • Communicate to everyone that you don't like surprises.
    • Make lists to stay structured, and cross things off as they are accomplished.
    • Have been accused of being angry when you are only expressing your opinion.
    • Like to work things through to completion and get them out of the way, even if you know you're going to have to do it over again later to get it right.

John as a Developer at Work

As a Developer at work, John, you can succeed in nearly any occupation you choose, as long as it doesn't involve too much monotonous routine, at which point you likely become restless. You are excellent at contributing to innovative projects that test your ingenuity; and you excel at using your ability to see possibilities and analyzing them to logically solve problems. Clearly, any project that gives you an opportunity to learn, and use your creative impulse seems very worthwhile. However, you can lose much of your energy for a project when faced with following through with the tedious details. You can almost always find a logical reason for the things that you want, and because of your keen awareness and logic, you can easily see the flaw in any opposing position. In fact, little challenges your patience more than inefficiency, incompetence and disorder.

The "right fitting" job for you, John, might be one that provides independence, diversity, plenty of intellectual stimulation, and the opportunity to generate ideas. You must find your work challenging to be satisfying, and you are demanding of yourself and others. Since you can be impatient with those whom you consider less competent then you, you need to be surrounded by those you respect intellectually. Developers have insight into the internal logic and underlying principles of systems and organizations, and they excel at (and enjoy) strategizing, planning, and building systems to accomplish their goals.

John's Potential Weaknesses

Sometimes, John, you can be too complex for others to understand. Your intense dislike for the routine and the predictable can make it difficult for you to notice necessary details. You often fail to see your rich imagination, when left unbridled, can make you counterproductive. Also, you may rather talk about, write about, or improve the concepts of team building, goal setting, and time management, rather than actually being a part of them. Your constant drive for improving everything you come in contact with can be very frustrating for those that think everything is just fine as it is. Finally, when working on a project, it may go against your nature to consult others, but resist the temptation to disregard authority and make critical decisions on your own.

John's 10 Best Personality Details
  1. Autonomous
  2. Dedicated
  3. Definite
  4. Extremely sensible
  5. Futurist thinker
  6. Methodical
  7. Quick and witty
  8. Strong initiative
  9. Strong-minded
  10. Unique
John's 10 Best Business Points
  1. Able to inspire and conceptualize ideas
  2. Accepts challenges
  3. Appreciates others contributions
  4. Gets projects in motion
  5. Good decision maker
  6. Imaginative
  7. Self regimented
  8. Likes the chance to get better
  9. Self-assured
  10. Skillful at rearranging and restructuring
John's Communication Method
  1. Communicates with a definite agenda
  2. Gathers information by seeing
  3. Is aloof and rational
  4. Likes to create visual images to help others understand
  5. Uses orderly guidelines and parameters
John's Ideal Business Environment
  1. Desires efficient methods and systems
  2. Likes being challenged intellectually
  3. Needs privacy for reflection
  4. Prefers some latitude when resolving problems and making decisions
  5. Requires time alone to be energized
John's Team Building Approach
  1. Brings fresh approaches and new ideas
  2. Is able to give order to goals and action plans
  3. Keeps the "big picture" in mind
  4. Looks to remove barriers to progress
  5. Makes difficult systems and projects simpler
John's Management Practice
  1. Devises theories and a workable blueprint for achievement
  2. Communicates structure and understanding to goals
  3. Is no non-sense and a good decision maker
  4. Motivates co-workers and self to reach goals
  5. Does strategic planning before starting new projects

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