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You have the natural ability to "lead and encourage" people when you are in your optimal work environment. Your leadership is rooted in your concern for the personal development and growth of those who work alongside you.
Your test revealed:
- 7 jobs in 3 career fields that fit your work personality.
- Income potential: $121,276.00 per year. Based on your career fit.
- 14 successful or famous people who share your work personality.
Strenths in your work personality:
You have a strength of instinctively understanding others needs and you are very adept at giving a timely word of inspiration or affirmation. You are able to see the big picture and handle details well. You value organization, productivity, and meeting deadlines. Your charisma and compassion can help others see your ideas. The projects you choose allow co-workers to have a sense of achievement while allowing them to complete the task. You also are able to work well alone and reflect the values of the organization and the employees.
You work well independently. You do not mind initial instruction but when you get going on a project or assignment you like to "run with it" and take ownership of it. Your independence and self monitoring make you a good fit for working remotely and work that requires travel. Companies you work for will trust your self-motivation and work ethic.
Potential Weakness in your work personality:
You do not hesitate to express your feelings - this is good. However, you may struggle to "hold your tongue" when you think your position is not being represented. You may need to work on planning your response before speaking to avoid unintended conflict.
Your work personality makes you an attractive CEO, Supervisor, Manager, or Team Leader.
Your work personality assessment is scientifically calculated based on decades of career and assessment research.
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