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You have the natural ability to "lead and encourage" people you work with. You are a natural leader and your leadership style is deepened by your genuine concern for the personal development and growth of those you interact with.
Your career test results reveal you instinctively understand others needs, and you are very adept at giving a timely word of inspiration and affirmation. You are able to see the big picture yet handle the details well. You value organization, productivity, and meeting deadlines. Your charisma and compassion help others see your ideas and the projects you choose allow co-workers to have a sense of achievement while completing the task. You also are able to work well alone and reflect the values of the organization and the employees.
Your ability and desire to bring out the most in others makes you an attractive supervisor, manager, or leader.
You do not hesitate to express your feelings, and you are unlikely to "hold your tongue" when you think your position is not being represented. You normally have good instincts about present and future matters, but you would be strongly advised to find a rational strategic thinker to consult for balance.
The rest of your 10 Page Career Profile evaluation, including details about your optimal work environment, has been calculated for you. Your results have revealed 9 categories with 51 specific jobs in these categories that fit your personality.
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