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The Best Kept Cover-Letter Writing Secret


The Best Kept Cover-Letter Writing Secret

Do you find writing a cover-letter difficult when preparing to apply for a job?

You are not alone! It may seem impossible to accurately convey your strengths to your potential-future-employer while simultaneously trying to stand out among hundreds of applicants.

I am about to share a cover-letter writing hack that will make this process easier, reduce your job-seeking woes but impress the socks off your potential-future-employer.

Many people look at cover-letters as simply a formality. This is a big mistake. The cover letter is their first impression of you. It can make or break your chances of gaining your dream job.

Similarly, to how an interviewer can identify applicants that are unenthusiastic and fake in an interview, the person reading your cover letter can tell if you fill it with generic, cliché, meaningless content.

Let’s look at 2 easy steps to help you write a cover letter that will make you stand out from the other job seekers.

Accurately Identify your Strengths
The real purpose of a cover letter is to articulate your strengths. Describing yourself as ‘hard-working’ or a ‘team-player’ sounds generic, oversimplified and often underplays what makes you specifically perfect for the job you are applying for.

There are online tools that can help assess your work personality by comparing you to people currently working in your dream career. If you haven’t done so already, take a career test to be provided with a detailed analysis of your strengths which you can use to write your cover letter.

There are a few “personality tests” out there. However, the career test I’m suggesting is unique in analyzing your “work personality”. It will provide you with a detailed analysis of who you are in a work environment, including your strengths at work as well as communication, team-work, management skills and more. Keep in mind – who you are when you are hanging out with your friends and having fun is not necessarily who you are when you are working. This is why an assessment of your “work personality” is more important than a general personality test. So, if you are asking “How do I find a career that fits me“, check this career test out.

This career report about you will help you personalize information and express your talents and strengths to your employer in an engaging, winning cover-letter.

With the descriptive statements, such as ‘invigorated by a challenge’ and ‘insightful when dealing with people issues’ your future employer is going to be far more interested and impressed with you.

Give Examples
Let’s put powerful images of your ideas and abilities into action in the mind of your potential-future-employer.

Describe an instance when you have displayed this skill, or better yet have a testimonial to illustrate when you displayed this skill.

For example, you may write ‘When working at (company) I generated high-quality content which increased user engagement by (X) percentage. Some ideas I have to improve your company’s digital marketing efforts include..’

These statements will show you have knowledge, initiative, and drive, making you a valuable addition to their team.

Remember, when your future employer picks up your cover letter they want you to be the person they are looking for. So, let’s give them everything they need to support their optimism that you are the person best for the job.

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