These 12 careers are your best chance to get a job in 2020.

These 12 careers are your best chance to get a job in 2020.

These 12 careers are your best chance to get a job in 2020.

You have the best chance of getting hired if you are pursuing any one of these 12 careers in 2020 because these are the jobs with the highest demand for hiring.  Some of them pay over $100,000 a year, some require no college degree, and some of them even have online courses.

It is time to make your steps (or should I say interviews) count.  Let’s look at the careers that will be hired the most in 2020.

1. Solar Photovoltaic Installer

Projected 63% increase in hiring!

Career solar installers are working on a roof professionally installing solar panels

If you like to work outside and you like working with your hands and tools, this job could be perfect for you.  Your main task is to install solar panels on roofs.
The good news is your starting pay is about $43,000 a year.
But the potential bad news is – you can’t be afraid of heights to have this career.

What kind of schooling or training do you need?

More good news!  It’s one of those high paying jobs you don’t need a college degree for and most companies will train you.  Companies offer on-the-job training that could take up to a year.  Now if you want to look impressive and want a better chance of landing the gig, some technical schools and community colleges offer online solar energy training courses that will help get you started in your solar career.

2. Wind Turbine Technicians

Projected 57% increase in hiring
Here is another outdoor career but you will also be working in small spaces as you are stuffing yourself inside the housing of the turbine to construct, repair, or maintain it.  However, you will be referred to as a “Wind Tech”.  (very cool career name)
Professional Wind Turbine Technicians look at a computer as they monitor a turbine we see behind them.According to the American Wind Energy Association, there are over 54,000 wind turbines in 41 states in the US and more going in every year.
A potential drawback to this job is you may have to move to a state where they will be installing or already have wind turbines.  However, you’re going to be earning around $54,000 a year in salary.

Skills needed to be a wind turbine technician (Wind Tech)

You will need to be a hands-on, tool loving person.  Similar to installing solar panels, many companies offer on-the-job training or you can find some online courses for technical training on how to become a wind turbine technician.

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3 & 4. Home Health & Personal Care Aide

Projected 37% increase in hiring
Want to keep your feet on the ground, stay out of the wind, and do meaningful work with people? Home Health or Personal Care Aide might be your cup of tea. 

Home Health Aide worker walks an older man with a walker in a parkFor this purposeful job, you will travel to people’s homes, group homes, and other settings to provide daily care to patients. You will administer medication and check patient pulse rates, temperature and blood pressure readings. 

Starting pay is $24,200 a year and think about how your work will be helping people. 

If you want, there are even some online classes to start your journey as a Home Health Aide. 

No student loan money is required.  But, if you’re working for a certified home health or hospice agency, you might need to complete some training and sharpen your pencil for a standardized test.

5. Occupational Therapy Assitant

Projected 33% increase in hiring
Enjoy working on your feet and helping people improve the quality of their lives? As an occupational therapist, you will help patients develop the skills they need to do a range of daily activities from getting dressed to working, learning and playing.

An occupational therapist assistant is on the phone in an office

One of the neat things about this inspiring career is how dynamic it is. Love kids? Perfect! You could work with premature babies at a pediatric hospital or in schools with children who have developmental, learning or behavioral disorders. You could also work in nursing homes helping patients recover from strokes or manage Alzheimer’s Disease. Many occupational therapists even help accident victims regain the skills they need to live their best lives. 

The average occupational therapist salary is $60,000, but you’ll need a master’s degree in the field to do this work. Complete one of these accredited masters degree programs and you’ll have a pretty solid career.

6. Information Security Analyst

Projected 32% increase in hiring
Love computers and problem-solving? This job might hit the spot for you. As an Information Security Analyst, you will help companies secure critical data by coming up with solutions that prevent cyber attacks. Using a brilliant combination of logic and creativity, you’ll assess security issues companies might face, innovate defense plans, and build company awareness. 

An information security analyst is working on a computerBy keeping them from gaining access to sensitive online information, you’ll help companies fight hackers. You will also get to implement protections such as firewalls and data encryption programs. Hackerbusting, firewalls, and data encryption to keep people’s identities and financial information safe? Yes, the job is as cool as it sounds. Oh, and you’ll be making around $100,000 per year. Very, very cool. 

While some employers prefer applicants with MBAs, a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field qualifies you for this job, so you don’t necessarily have to go back to school. 

As you start building your career, you might want to look into becoming a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

7. Physician Assistant

Projected 31% increase in hiring
You’ll be called a doctor all day by accident for sure.  A Physician Assistant has its own school program. Most have a bachelor’s degree when they start the program and most programs are 2 to 4 years of undergrad work focusing on science.
A physician's assistant is listening to a two year old little boys heart with a stethoscope.

But, when you get out of school it’s easier to pay off those school loans when you’re pulling in $108, 610 per year  – starting pay!

You’ll want to start with a program accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant, Inc.  Almost all of these accredited programs offer a master’s degree.



Watch this video to learn more about the daily work-life career of a Physician Assistant:

8. Statistician & Mathematician

Projected 26% to 31% increase in hiring
Average pay is about $88,190 per year

We can’t escape the growth of data and that is what is making this career explode in growth.  By 2020 around 1.7 MB of new data will be created every second for every person on planet Earth.

A mathematician is working at a desk and showing a colorful spreadsheet with charts and graphs to a woman sitting at the desk.If you enjoy problem-solving, why not get paid a good salary and have tons of job options for security.  Mathematicians and statisticians solve problems using the analysis of data and apply mathematics and statistics.

You’ll be wanted for hire in healthcare, government, stock exchange companies, fortune 500 companies, Google, Microsoft,  and more. Most mathematicians and statisticians have their master’s degree but some positions only require a bachelor’s degree.


Watch this video to see a day in the career of a Statistician:

9. Nurse Practioner

Projected 28% increase in hiring
You’ll be bringing home about $113,000 a year.

A male nurse practitioner is giving a sad five year old little boy medicine on a spoon.Nurse Practitioners (APRNs) are also often called Nurse anesthetists or nurse-midwives.   They coordinate patient care and may provide primary and even specialty healthcare.

Once you get your Master’s degree you are almost ready for the companies to start pursuing you for hire.  But, you will need to complete one more step – a state license and national APRN certification.

Here is a video showing you what it is like to be a Nurse Practioner:

10. Speech-Language Pathologist

Projected 27% increase in hiring
When a person has a stroke that affects the way they talk or even a born with a speech challenge – there is hope to improve because of Speech-Language Pathologists.

A female speech pathologist is listening to a teenage girl speak while she points to text on a paper for the girl to speak.They deal with speech communication issues, fix and even prevent swallowing disorders in children and adults. 

It’s more than a desk job, you will be working and hospitals/healthcare facilities.

A master’s degree is required and most states require a license but the pay covers the school bills.  You’ll be bringing in around $77,510 per year.

This video shows what it is like to be a Speech-Language Pathologist:

11. Genetic Counselor

Projected 27% increase in hiring

Our grandparents might scratch their heads if we told them we were going to be Genetic Counselors.  But, modern science is putting this career on the demand list and the average pay last year was $80,370.  That will put a smile on your family’s face.

A female genetic counselor shakes the hand of a patient she is counseling about an inherited condition they have.Genetic counselors help people assess and understand their inherited conditions that are associated with genetic disorders like birth defects.

You would be going to work at a laboratory, medical center, hospital, or even a physician’s office.  A master’s degree is required and you will also need to be board certified.  So, there is some work to put on the front-end getting ready for this career. But, after you are certified, your future salary and employment options are quite bright.

12. Software Developer

Projected 26% increase in hiring

Computers are useless without software developers.  They make (or should I say “code”) applications and systems that make computers run.  Everything you see on the screen of a computer was put there by a Software Developer.

A software developer wearing a tie writes a flow chart on a white board.Get a comfy chair or stand-up desk because you will be working mostly in the comforts of your office behind a giant monitor.

There is a lot of job satisfaction associated with this career but 2 of the biggest moments of joy probably come when
1) Your application is turned on… it works smoothly… and everyone’s life becomes more efficient
2) You get your big paycheck!  Because this job averages about $103,620 a year.

Check out this video to learn more about the life of a Software Developer:

How do you know which of these is the best career for you?

Don’t just choose one of these careers because it pays good or your parents think it’s a good fit for you.  There is a way you can find out if your personality fits one of these careers.  Take a career test for your work personality, learn about your personality strengths in a working environment and see the list of careers that fit you best.  This will help guide you to a career that is your best match.

This is your life and the career you will be going to for years to come.  Make the right career choice that brings energy and joy to who you are.  After all, if you enjoy your work, you will never work a day in your life. 


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